10 Alternatives to Microsoft Teams

VoIP and other cloud-based communications tools are essential for modern businesses these days. Microsoft Teams is a great solution for businesses that want a workspace chat, calling, and video conferencing tool that integrates with other Microsoft apps. However, customers often complain of bad UI, buggy features, and slow loading times.

Many workplaces go with Teams because it is included in the Office 365 package. However, using a communications platform that doesn’t work for your team can have negative effects of productivity. Using a platform that better fits team members needs can help businesses save time and energy, with increased use of software licences, productivity, fewer errors and miscommunications, and lower onboarding costs.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to Microsoft Teams, check out this list of 10 alternatives below. These 10 alternatives have been summarized based on reviews left by users on various tech review platforms.

10 Alternatives

1. Slack

slack logo

Slack is one of the most popular cloud-based collaboration platforms available for businesses of all sizes. It has a strong emphasis on internal communications, making it easy to share files and create different chats for different departments of the workplace. It integrates with many third-party apps and has features like calendar management, audio calling, and billing.

Platforms: web, desktop, mobile
Highlights: modern UI, extensive chat features
Downsides: not focused on VoIP

2. Nextiva Call Center

nextiva logo

is a popular option for businesses in the US. It is a cloud-based communications platform that also has video conferencing and SMS, among the usual call center tools.

Platforms: web, desktop, mobile
Highlights: extensive features
Downsides: CRM integrations cost extra, no free trial, reliability, customer support

3. Vxt Call

vxt logo

Vxt Call is a cloud based communications platform that leverages your communications data to automate work. It integrates with popular productivity tools, CRMs and practice management systems to automate work like time entries and call logging. It features VoIP calling, video conferencing, voicemail transcriptions, and a smart dictation and transcription tool.

It is used by businesses that make and receive calls frequently throughout the day, in particular: law firms, recruitment agencies, and real estate offices.

Platforms: web, desktop, mobile
Highlights: simple UI, easy onboarding, reliable
Downsides: only available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

4. Dialpad

dialpad logo

Dialpad gives businesses a way to unify their communications by making telephony available on any device. It features real-time transcription, integrations with popular productivity tools, and action items in post-call notes.

Platforms: web, desktop, mobile
Highlights: action items in post-call notes
Downsides: can be buggy and unreliable, price

5. RingCentral MVP

ringcentral logo

RingCentral MVP is the cloud-based communications platform that is part of the larger RingCentral products. MVP has a focus on collaboration and internal communications, as compared to its Call Centre product that is the  solution made for engaging frequently with customers. It has video conferencing, SMS, and fax.

Platforms: web, desktop, mobile
Highlights: modern UI
Downsides: slow onboarding, customer support

6. Vonage

vonage logo

Vonage is a consumer service provider that also provides businesses with a cloud-based phone system. A key benefit to Vonage is that it is a well established and reliable service. Its cloud-based system allows businesses to work more efficiently by offering greater flexibility and increased productiveness.

Platforms: web, mobile
: 99.999% uptime, modern UI
Downsides: no desktop app, limited features

7. 8x8

8x8 logo

8x8 is one of the leading business communications providers that offers cloud-based phones, video conferencing, and internal chats. It is a good option for businesses that have heavy contact centre duties.

Platforms: web, desktop
Highlights: modern UI, extensive call features
Downsides: no mobile app

8. Webex

webex logo

Webex is a simple but efficient platform that unifies calling, conferencing, and messaging. It has VoIP calling, virtual presentation features, internal and external messaging, and webinar features.

Platforms: web, desktop, mobile
Highlights: video conferencing with background noise removal, free version
Downsides: outdated UI, can be buggy and unreliable

9. Mitel MiCloud Connect

mitel logo

Micloud Connect is a product of Mitel, a telecommunications company. MiCloud Connect features communication and collaboration tools such as voice and video calling, group chats, and messaging.

Platforms: web, desktop, mobile
Highlights: reports and daily statistics on teams, extensive features
Downsides: can be buggy and unreliable, outdated UI

10. ZoomPhone

zoomphone logo

The popular video conferencing software also features an enterprise cloud-based phone system: Zoom Phone. It is simple to use, scalable, and reliable, and a good option for businesses that are already using Zoom Meetings.

Platforms: desktop, mobile
Highlights: reliable, scalable
Downsides: limited features

So where to next?

Most of these alternatives have free versions or you can trial them for free. Reach out to the platforms you like, many will also do deals or add in bonuses to entice you! Your workplace should use the best VoIP and other cloud-based communications tools available, to help your business succeed and keep employees and customers happy.

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