5 Features to Consider When Choosing a VoIP Software for Your Law Firm

Access to a reliable and efficient cloud-based phone system is a must-have for every law firm. If you are a mid-sized law firm looking to scale or capture more billable hours, your first point of consideration should be a phone system that helps you automate administrative tasks and save costs.

We understand that choosing and implementing the perfect phone system for your law firm can be an expensive process. Choosing to invest in a cloud-based phone system is a decision in itself, ontop of choosing from the array of legal VoIP platforms out there. This is why we have come up with a list of the essential features you should consider when choosing a VoIP phone system for your law practice.

After much consideration, here are the top five factors that we think are essential to the success of your practice:

1. Privacy and security

2. Automatic time tracking

3. Video conferencing

4. Integrations

5. Reliability and support

So, let us discuss these top 5 features in detail.

1. Privacy and Security:

Confidentiality is the watchword of every law firm. Ensure that the details of your clients are kept safe and private within your phone system.

Is your VoIP software cloud-based? Does it offer end-to-end encryption of your firm’s internal communications and your interactions with clients?

In addition to this, check that your phone system is compliant with various data protection laws and regulations.


2. Automatic time tracking:

Your VoIP software should enable your firm to capture more billable hours by stopping you from missing hours you could have recorded, and to save time spent on manually taking records of calls, tracking time, and transcribing communications.

Your phone system should automatically log time for calls and interactions with clients, by creating time entries that sync with your practice management system. Some VoIP phone systems also sync call notes to your practice management system, so that notes taken during the call are displayed in the client’s case.

time tracking computer

3. Video Conferencing:

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, law clients want more innovative, more convenient, and more flexible solutions, including being able to meet remotely.

Your call recording software should offer video conferencing options that allow you to switch from a voice call to a video call quickly. The video conferencing feature should also integrate with the transcription and call recording features, enabling automatic time entries and syncing with client matters.

video conference

4. Integrations:

Choosing the right VoIP software can save your firm hours a week on switching costs. Navigating between tabs and apps is an annoying and unnecessary task.

So, choosing a phone system that has detailed integrations with your existing legal software is one of the most important factors.

Your phone system should be able to quickly integrate with your existing software to save time on non-billable work. Using a VoIP platform that integrates with your existing legal and communications software, is essential to ensure the efficient running of your law practice.

cloud based

5. Reliability and Support:

The phone system that you choose should guarantee a reliable support system to attend to your concerns quickly and answer your questions or provide clarifications.

With reliable VoIP software, you can focus on running your law practice, and be assured that a tech team is on standby to answer your questions and address your concerns as they arise.

customer support

Ready to leverage your communications and scale your law practice?

Your firm’s communications are a significant factor of running a modern law firm, as successful communications improves operations, and in turn, increases client satisfaction.

Choose a VoIP provider that is tailored specifically for law firms to perform efficiently and meet client expectations.

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