Frequently asked questions

If you have set up Vxt but it seems like it isn't working properly please double check that Vxt is turned on. Go into Settings in the app, tap 'Turn Vxt back on', and follow the on screen instructions. If you have done that already and it's still not working, see the frequently asked questions below, or reach out to our team at

You can quickly check to see if call forwarding is set up by getting a friend to call your phone number and letting it go to voicemail.


How does Vxt get my voicemail?

When you miss a call, your mobile service provider uses conditional call forwarding to send that call to their voicemail system. Vxt works the same way. What is conditional call forwarding?


With most mobile service providers in New Zealand, call forwarding uses your calling minutes or credit. This means if you don't have any minutes or any credit you won't be able to receive voicemail.


I didn't get the verification text, whats going on?

We are aware of an ongoing issue where some users aren't receiving the verification text properly.

The issue will usually fix itself between anywhere from an hour to 24 hours. Wait a couple of hours and give the setup another try. 

If it doesn't fix itself please get in touch at



How accurate are Vxt's transcriptions?

You'll be familiar with how hard it can be sometimes to hear the person on the other end of a phone call. This is because audio gets compressed and degraded when it goes over the phone network. Unfortunately, this also affects voicemail and means our speech recognition software isn't always as accurate as it could be. 

Transcriptions in Vxt are on average about 75% accurate. Sometimes you'll get a message thats perfectly transcribed and other times it can be very hard to read. 
Fortunately, you can quickly play your voicemail in the app in case you want to double-check the transcription. Listening to the audio through Vxt is still more than twice as fast as checking it traditionally.

We're working on software that will dramatically improve our transcription accuracy. 


Issues on the Vodafone network

Unfortunately, for Vodafone customers, it can be hard to get Vxt to work. If you're with Vodafone and are having trouble getting Vxt running check out the issues described below and follow the relevant instructions.

Issue for Vodafone Customers Using Android Devices

I Use an iPhone and My Voicemail is Still Going to Vodafone

How to Set Up Vxt if You're on Vodafone One Business

If you're not sure whether any of these problems are what is causing Vxt to fail for you then send us an email at, we're happy to help :) 


Can I use more than one phone with my Vxt account?

Yes! You can set up multiple phones with one Vxt account by setting up a Vxt Personal Inbox Number. For more info read this article

If you'd like any help setting this up or had something more specific in mind reach out to the team at, we're happy to help.


Can I use Vxt with my landline?

Yes! If you have a landline that is already forwarding to the mobile phone associated with your Vxt account it is very important to set up a Personal Inbox Number. Please see our guide for using Vxt with a landline.


How do I go back to my old voicemail?

If you'd like to stop using Vxt, we'd love to hear why it wasn't for you.

We would really appreciate a short message about your experience with Vxt which you can send to us via the form below.

Your feedback will help us improve the app for other users and you too, if you decide to come back in the future.

To get your voicemail through your mobile service provider, go into settings in the app and hit 'Turn Vxt off'.

If you've already uninstalled the app, call the appropriate number below, DO include the *'s, + and # or it may not work:

Vodafone New Zealand:  *004*+6421700700#
Spark:  **004*+6483200000*11#
2degrees:  *004*+64222022000#

Optus:  ##004#

Vodafone Australia:  1211

Telstra:  ##004#

Virgin Mobile AU:  **004*212#


If we didn't answer your question or you have feedback for us please don't hesitate to get in touch at or use the contact form below, we would love to hear from you.

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