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How does Vxt get my voicemail?

We use call forwarding to send missed phone calls to your inbox with Vxt.


With most mobile service providers in New Zealand, call forwarding uses your calling minutes or credit.


This means if you don't have any minutes or any credit you wont be able to receive voicemail.


I didn't get the verification text, whats going on?

We are aware of an ongoing issue where some users aren't receiving the verification text properly.

The issue will usually fix itself between anywhere from an hour to 24 hours. Wait a couple of hours and give the setup another try. 

If it doesn't fix itself please get in touch at

We are working as hard as we can to resolve this as soon as possible and aim to release a fix soon.



I have setup Vxt but my messages are still going to my ordinary inbox.

We are aware that for some users on iPhone devices call forwarding is not operating as it should which means that even when you have setup Vxt perfectly your voicemail is still going to your ordinary inbox.

This issue is affecting people worldwide and to the best of our knowledge is caused by Apple.

To fix this problem follow the instructions in this article.


How accurate are Vxt's transcriptions?

Our speech to text software is trained on the Kiwi accent unlike most of the other speech recognition software out there.


This means that our transcriptions are pretty good and with a clear piece of audio they are more than 90% accurate.


Unfortunately, with voicemails, we're limited by the quality of the cell network and the variety of accents in New Zealand so you might get the odd one that's hard to read. 


Fortunately you can quickly play your voicemail in the app in case you want to double check the transcription. Listening to the audio through Vxt is still more than twice as fast as checking it traditionally.

I'm with Vodafone and Vxt won't work.

We are aware of two issues which some Vodafone users are experiencing.

If you are with Vodafone and use an Android device you should be able to fix the issue manually by following the instructions in the following article

Some users have reported that rather than playing their voicemail greeting the call hangs up abruptly. This occurs whenever Vodafone (or another telco) hasn't sent our system your number with the forwarded call so if we took the voicemail we wouldn't be able to attribute it to your account. To the best of our knowledge the only users who are experiencing this issue persistently are those on Vodafone On Account plans. We have released a work around for this issue, read more about it here.

We are doing our best to permanently solve these issues. However, we have to go through Vodafone to get them fixed so we are unsure how long it may take to get a resolution. If you'd like to be the first to hear when we do, please consider following our Facebook page where we regularly share updates:


I've setup the app but now I'm not getting any voicemail.

If you're having trouble receiving your voicemails it's always a good idea to make sure you setup the call forwarding correctly.

You can quickly check to see if call forwarding is set up by getting a friend to call your phone number and letting it go to voicemail.


If you have call forwarding activated you will hear our message "You are leaving a message on Vxt for more info visit Leave a message after the beep".


If you don't hear our message then forwarding probably isn't activated.

To setup forwarding to Vxt go into Vxt's settings and press the option "Turn Vxt back on" which brings up the number for you to call. Make sure you call the number that shows up!


My voicemail greeting is too quiet or choppy, whats going on? 

A few users have reported that when they record their voicemail greeting and play it back it sounds choppy or very quiet. 


We have been unable to replicate this error on any of our testing devices so far which is usually how we figure out what exactly is broken and how to fix it. Unfortunately this means we haven't been able to solve this problem just yet.

However, in the meantime if you are experiencing this issue, email us a recording of the greeting you would like played to callers and we can upload it to our system manually which will solve the problem. Thanks for your patience.



Can I use more than one phone with my Vxt account?

Yes! There are a couple of ways to setup multiple devices with a single Vxt account.

The simplest way to set this up is with a personal inbox number, available to Vxt Pro users. Once you have been assigned a personal inbox number you can set up call forwarding from as many devices as you like to your new number. All of your messages will be available through the app.

If you'd like any help setting this up or had something more specific in mind reach out to the team at, we're happy to help.


My landline forwards to my cell phone and I'm missing voicemails

We are aware of an issue for users who have a landline phone which forwards to their cell phone.

We use call forwarding to retrieve information about the callers and recipients of voicemails, including the phone numbers of each party.

Currently when a user misses a forwarded call from their landline, our system only has access to the landline number i.e. the voicemail doesn't reach the users actual inbox (associated with their cell phone number).

To fix this issue you need to a personal inbox number, for more info read this article.


How do I go back to my old voicemail?

If you'd like to stop using Vxt, we'd love to hear why it wasn't for you.

We would really appreciate a short message about your experience with Vxt which you can send to us via the form below.

Your feedback will help us improve the app for other users and you too, if you decide to come back in the future.

To get your voicemail through your mobile service provider, go into settings in the app and hit 'Turn Vxt off', once you have called the number which pops up, any new voicemail messages will arrive the traditional way.

If you've already uninstalled the app, call the appropriate number below:

Vodafone: *004*+6421700700**20#
Spark: *004*+6483200000**20#
2degrees: *004*+64222022000**20#


If we didn't answer your question or you have feedback for us please don't hesitate to get in touch at or use the contact form below, we would love to hear from you.

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