The legal phone system.

Vxt helps lawyers capture billable hours, manage compliance and automate your work flow.

Integrate with your practice management system.

Vxt can integrate with all of your practice management, time recording and other legal software. File notes from calls are automatically generated and recorded in your practice management system.

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Mitigate risk with call recording & transcription

Vxt Call allows you to record & transcribe phone calls for future use as notes or to mitigate litigation risks. We make recording disclosure management easy with administrative tools.

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See Vxt in action

Vxt can integrate with all of your favourite legal software so that you don't have to change your workflow.

Compliance is easy with Vxt

Data Protection & Data Security

By default, Vxt encrypts data at rest. We further protect your data with tools like Secure Shield.

Privacy Legislation Support

Vxt is committed to helping users understand their rights and obligations under the NZPA, GDPR, CCPA and other legislation. Vxt provides specific customer support to ensure compliance.

Data Residency & Sovereignty

Data residency for Vxt lets organizations choose the country or region where they want to store their encrypted data at rest.

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