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  • Jesse Neill

The 7 Best Voicemail Scenes in Movies

Voicemail allows callers to leave a message for an intended recipient. There are a range of reasons why someone might want to leave a voice message. Some callers want to apologise, some want to organise a catch up, some just want to say hey, and some want to express their deepest secrets without having to do it face-to-face.

Whatever the reason, leaving a voice message isn’t as easy as it sounds. You often need to be prepared with what you want to say and you also need to make sure you’ve called the right number. As the fictional characters featured below have shown, this is easier said than done. So to make you feel comfortable with your own blunders, or to help you relate to some of the more sentimental voicemails, we’ve made a list of the 7 best voicemail scenes in movies.

The Campaign

Leaving a voicemail can be dangerous, especially when you don’t know who is on the other end of the line. This scene from 2012’s underrated comedy ‘The Campaign’, demonstrates exactly why. At the start of the film, Senator Cam Brady (played by Will Ferrell) faces a PR crisis following an unfortunate misdial. Instead of calling his secret lover, Brady calls a conservative Christian family and leaves a voicemail that is probably not suitable for the family dinner table. This goes to show what can happen if you don’t pay attention to the numbers you dial. It also points out the fact that you should probably save your kinky talk for face-to-face time rather than over voicemail, just to be sure you’ve got the person you’re after. Careful this one’s NSFW!

I Love You, Man

Voicemail can be quite daunting when you’re faced with an eternal silence on the other end of the line. In 2009’s ‘I Love You, Man’, Paul Rudd plays a friendless man, Peter Klaven, looking for a best man for his upcoming wedding. In the early stages of this bromantic comedy, Peter desperately tries to impress the more confident and cool Sydney Fife (played by Jason Segel). During this painful scene, Peter has only just met Sydney and wants to organise a man-date. It is clear Peter is hopelessly lost when it comes to being cool and this voicemail proves it. However, it is also a good message to audiences that it’s important to think about what you’re going to say in your voice message before you actually call.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Based on the 2004 self-help book of the same name, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ follows a series of interconnecting stories that focuses on the challenges of reading and misreading human behaviour. This particular part of the movie is a look-in at the life of Mary Harris (played by Drew Barrymore) and her many romantic issues. Mary meets a lot of men, particularly through online dating apps, however her dates don’t seem to go anywhere. In this particular scene she listens to her voice messages from a potential love interest, Jude. The message starts off well, with Jude singing a romantic voice message, however the voicemail quickly turns into something far more embarrassing for both parties. From Jude’s point of view, you should always make sure you have selected the correct contact to call. Meanwhile, Mary’s misfortunes teach you that it’s probably best to not listen to voice messages with an audience in the room.

The Amazing Spiderman

Almost everyone knows the story of Spiderman, however if you’ve been living under a rock your entire life be careful because there’s spoilers ahead. In case you aren’t up to speed, Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield in this version of the popular story) is bitten by a radioactive spider, causing him to gain spider-like powers and swing through the streets of New York City fighting crime. However, before Spider-Man becomes a hero, he witnesses the death of his uncle Ben. Peter previously had the chance to stop the petty criminal that kills his uncle, but chooses not to, and this death becomes the main motivation for Peter to become Spider-man. In this scene, Peter listens back to a voicemail from his now deceased Uncle Ben. It shows the importance of voicemails and the emotion they can carry, and how they can be especially valuable for keeping the messages of lost loved ones.

Blades of Glory

Changing up the mood from upsetting to uncomfortable is this scene from the hilarious ‘Blades of Glory’. The story follows an odd-couple pairing of Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. The comedy duo play banned figure skaters who become teammates through a loophole that allows them to compete again. In this scene, Will Ferrell has just been found in a compromising position with Heder’s love interest. After Heder's character storms off, Ferrell's character decides to leave a few apologetic voicemails (well, more than a few). Saying sorry over a call is hard, it’s even harder when no one is listening on the other side. All that begging for forgiveness with only a small amount of time to get your point across can lead to new heights of humiliation. In this scene, Ferrell’s character tries to apologise through voicemail with disastrous results. Maybe save yourself the embarrassment, buy some flowers and try to say sorry in person if this happens to you. (Also, Will Ferrell really needs to work on his voicemail game, two mentions on this list!)

Nothing in Common

‘Nothing in Common’ is both a heartbreaking tragedy and lighthearted comedy rolled into one. This particular scene is on the light-hearted side of the film and shows Tom Hanks’ mischievous voicemail greeting. A potential client calls Tom’s answering machine and is greeted by a fairly reasonable and realistic “hello”. Tom’s replies seem to match the caller’s questions, however it’s later revealed that the caller is being pranked. We’ve all probably been there once or twice when we were younger with a friend who thought this greeting was absolutely hilarious. Come to think of it, we all probably know that one person who still uses this kind of voicemail greeting and thinks it's the best prank ever. However, If you’re serious about your voice messages whether for personal and/or professional use, it’s important your voicemail greetings come across in the right way.


Technology is an evil yet necessary element of dating these days. Before there were a wide range of mediums available to embarrass ourselves on, the simple telephone was all there was. In this scene from 90's Drama-Comedy ‘Swingers’, the phone is definitely a tool for embarrassment. After meeting Nikki in town, Jon Favreau’s character Mike, decides to leave a short but sweet voicemail. Well, that was his original intention anyway, before self-doubt and a need to explain himself started to creep in. Favreau’s character calls seven times before Nikki finally picks up to tell him not to call again. Nowadays, Nikki would likely be inundated with snapchats, text messages, DMs AND voicemail messages, however thankfully in the 90s Favreau could only call. Watching this scene is a good reminder for anyone overthinking their next move with their love interest and shows why one voice message will probably suffice.

Final Thoughts

We hope you had fun reading about and watching the scenes on this list as much as we enjoyed creating it. We also hope it’s taught you some important lessons for your own voicemails, whether you’re leaving or receiving them. If you’re struggling to keep up with tonnes of messages (like Nikki in Swingers), or looking for an easier way to sort through your voice messages (and want to avoid playing embarrassing ones out loud) a voicemail assistant like Vxt might be just what you need.

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