Clio Integration with Vxt - Transcriptions, Time Recording, & More

With the Clio and Vxt integration, you can save hours a week on admin tasks. Leverage your communications data with a smart communications platform that is purpose-built for lawyers.

Vxt features voice and video calling, as well as transcription and voicemail tools. Its integration with Clio helps lawyers save time and build better relationships with clients.

To use all of Vxt's features and get your communications data automated within Clio, connect your Clio account to Vxt.

Sync your Clio contacts

Contact syncing makes your Clio contacts available in Vxt. When contact syncing is enabled, this makes it easier to identify callers that are Clio contacts and make calls to your Clio contacts. Additionally, any communication records that Vxt creates will be automatically associated with any matching Clio contacts.

Communicate from any device with voice and video calls

You can turn your group VoIP voice call to a video conference with a click of a button on your laptop. You can also make VoIP calls from your laptop or mobile device.

Automatically record time from voice and video calls

You can also choose to log a time entry associated with the communication record. Select options for the time entry such as the activity category, rate, and time entry description.

Any changes, such as editing the call record, will be automatically pushed to Clio.

You can also use the Clio integration from our mobile app.

Get automatic voice and video call transcriptions

With a click of a button, you can get a transcription of your voice and video calls. These transcriptions can be associated with your Clio matters.

Sync calls with your Clio matters automatically

When you finish a call in Vxt, you can search your Clio matters within Vxt and select a matter to associate the call with. A Clio communication record under your selected matter will be created for the call, along with details of who the call was with, any notes you take for the call, and the call transcription.

Drag-and-drop to customize call routing

The visual call-routing feature makes it to configure your firm's call routing system. Simply drag and drop different actions and connect them up to take the confusion and frustration out of complex call-routing arrangements.

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