Enhanced Communications Security With Secure Shield

Alongside business & after-hours greetings, temporary greetings, and an overhaul of the greetings UI, in our latest mobile update, we have released an impressive new security feature.

Your voicemail is already secure but Vxt Secure Shield adds an extra layer of encryption. Secure Shield encrypts your messages with the AES-256 military-grade standard. You can turn on Secure Shield on a per contact or global basis. This feature will be especially useful if you regularly receive sensitive information via voicemail from particular clients or other contacts.

The security and privacy of our user's data is our #1 priority and this latest release means that if you're in a profession where you receive sensitive information from contacts, like healthcare, law, or professional services, you can be even more confident that your data is safe and secure.

Messages from contacts with Secure Shield enabled are so secure that they are not able to be viewed outside of the mobile and web clients because they are only decrypted inside the app.

  • If you use email forwarding you will still receive an email for Secure Shield messages but you will not be able to read or listen to them via your email client.
  • Text previews are also unable to be displayed in push notifications.

Keen to try it for yourself? Set up Secure Shield in Vxt Web!

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