Slack Integration is Here! 😲

new vxt feature allows app users to connect vxt voicemail app to their slack workspaces
screenshot of slack when integration with vxt app is enabled

That's right! With Vxt you can get your voicemail directly to your Slack workspace.

We figure the best way to make voicemail easier for you is to help you check your messages in anyway you'd like.

To set up Vxt for Slack send your workspace admin this link and ask them to add the Vxt bot to the workspace. Once the Vxt app has been added to your workspace just type /vxt-help in any channel and our bot will send you a direct message with instructions. Once you've connected your Vxt account to Slack, you'll be able to check your messages there as well as in the Vxt mobile app.If there's something you'd like to see us build, let us know. Send us your feature requests to We'd love to hear from you.

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