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  • Luke Campbell

What do Tea, Crumpets & Justin Trudeau Have in Common?

Vxt Release 2.11.0

We launched in the US in July, and now, Vxt is Available in the UK & Canada. We're rapidly improving our product & scaling globally. Many more regions are planned before the end of the year. Along with making our platform available in the UK & Canada, this update also includes a few optimisations and improvements alongside Dark Mode for mobile.

Dark Mode

Our dark theme creates a fantastic experience at night time or 24/7 depending on your device preferences or manual selection.

Since you've been so kind as to read this post here's a sneak peek at the awesome features we're rolling out over the next few weeks:

Temporary, Scheduled & Calendar Event-Based Greetings *Coming Soon*

Use scheduled greetings to automatically swap between business hours & after-hours greetings.

With calendar greetings, you can set rules for your calendar so your greeting automatically updates when you're in a meeting or attending a regular event.

With temporary greetings, you can set a greeting that plays for a period of time before it automatically swaps back to your normal one.

Secure Shield on Vxt Web *Coming Soon*

Your voicemail is already secure but Vxt Secure Shield adds an extra layer of encryption. Secure Shield encrypts your messages with the AES-256 military-grade standard. You can turn on Secure Shield on a per contact or global basis. This feature will be especially useful if you regularly receive sensitive information via voicemail from particular clients or other contacts.

On top of all of this, last week we saw some very promising early results from the work we have been putting into post-processing audio in order to improve the accuracy of our transcriptions. This work is related to a very long project, including an extremely difficult set of technical challenges we are working on. There's no quick fix to improving transcription quality on audio that goes through the phone network but, we're making great progress.

As always, if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions for our team, we'd love to hear from you so get in touch at Not using Vxt? Set up an account today and use "AUGUST50" when you upgrade through Vxt Web to get your first month half-price, on us :)