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  • Luke Campbell

We've rebuilt everything and can't wait to share it with you.

You may have noticed updates have been few and far between for the past few months. Since October, we've been working on a very large project behind the scenes and it's almost complete. We've rebuilt or refactored basically every aspect of Vxt from the ground up and we've done it in eight weeks. Every day we make decisions that have may be essential to our survival in the short term but often have long-lasting negative impacts that we'll have to pay for in the future. What might surprise you is that this kind of process isn't uncommon in growing startups. Here's a great example from LinkedIn.

Over the next few weeks' time, we'll be releasing our largest update(s) ever

Many of the changes we've made are hidden from users and affect our backend systems. However, these changes are all very important to the continued reliability & scalability of Vxt. We've made enormous improvements to these areas of our system. In fact, we've written over 60,000 lines of code. Over the next few months, you may notice improvements to the speed of the app, to the audio quality of your voicemail, to the accuracy of your transcriptions and you'll certainly notice many changes & improvements to how the app looks.

We're so excited to share what we've been up to. Read more below.

Multiple inboxes

With our new system, users can easily add multiple voicemail inboxes (multiple phone numbers) to their accounts and switch between them very easily. Switching between multiple phone numbers, or inboxes, will be similar to how you switch accounts in products like Gmail, and Apple Mail. You will also be able to use Vxt with landlines & toll-free numbers much more easily. Your first inbox is free, but if you'd like to easily switch between multiple, every additional inbox will set you back NZD $5/month.

To get started with additional inboxes you'll need to log in to Vxt Web.

From then on you'll be able to add, remove, and manage your inboxes through any of our apps.

Inbox sharing

With inbox sharing, you and your teammates can work together on clearing voicemail for a shared inbox like a customer service line or you might like to share your inbox with an assistant or colleague particularly when you're busy. With this new system, it's now incredibly easy to share voicemail inboxes with other users in the same organisation as you. Not sure what an organisation is? You can create organisations in Vxt Web for your team so that you can easily pay for Vxt under one subscription and work collaboratively, here's how.

Vxt Call

Alongside making the app easier to use and more useful, these changes are in part to help prepare for the release of Vxt Call. With Vxt Call, you can purchase phone numbers from us, or bring your own, (mobile, landline & toll-free) and manage it through our apps. You'll be able to make & receive calls through Vxt, have them recorded & transcribed, share details of calls to colleagues, or have them saved for record-keeping in other software. We're aiming to make an early version of Vxt Call available in December with plans starting at $30 NZD per user. If you're interested in being one of the first to get your hands on Vxt Call make sure to sign up for access here.

Pricing changes

You might have noticed our team experimenting with the pricing of Vxt plans over the past few months. We increased the price of Vxt Starter on September 30th from $1.99 to $2.49. New customers on Android have been paying $14.99 for Vxt Pro up from $12.99 since September. Shortly we'll be increasing the price of Vxt Pro on iOS to $14.99 as well but Apple does not allow us to grandfather existing users. Our pricing structure is also changing. Vxt will stay at Free, $2.49, $5.99 & $14.99 per user, but we're introducing a per device (phone number) charge of $5 for every additional device. That means if you're a business paying for Vxt Pro ($14.99 per user + $5 per additional device) with 10 staff using 10 mobile phones on Vxt, you'll still pay $149.90 per month. But if your business has 10 staff & 20 mobile phones on Vxt, you'll pay $14.99 x 10 users + $5 x 10 additional devices (the first 10 devices are free).

We've overhauled the setup process

We have redesigned the setup process on mobile & web. Until now we have only allowed you to create a Vxt account by using your phone number. Our new setup process includes the ability to sign up/in with an email & password, Google, Apple & soon Microsoft. These improvements mean the setup process is generally easier for our users and it's also so much easier for customers to use Vxt with landline, toll-free & other non-SMS enabled devices. Here's a sneak peek at the new setup flow using an email & password to log in:

One of our proudest achievements of this reworked process is the experience new users will have when setting up conditional call forwarding, thanks Cameron! And the old one:

There are more changes that we haven't included in this post yet, but we'll keep updating it and we'll be publishing more content about all of these changes over the next few weeks. If you read this far, you're the real MVP. Cheers, The Vxt team 💙