Discover a new way to improve customer relationships

"Hi Luke, I'm busy right now but I'll call you back."

Keep your customers informed and impressed with smart greetings. Personalise every customer interaction and reduce your customer service work load.

What are smart greetings?

Be more productive

Temporary greetings help you let your customers know why you're unavailable and decrease the need for follow-up apologies.

Increase customer retention

Give missed calls a personal touch - You can create a contact based greeting for every customer and turn missed calls into a great experience.

Great customer service, when you can't pick up the phone

Smart greetings are the perfect tool to ensure your customers know you value their time.


These greetings change depending on your contacts. Only the contacts you've saved to a greeting will hear it.

Business & after-hours

So your customers know when you're away. Tell Vxt your business hours and we'll change your preferred greeting automatically depending on the time.


For times when you're unavailable for a few hours you can use temporary greetings. Set a timer on a temporary greeting and it will play instead of your ordinary ones until the timer runs out.

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