Welcome to Vxt

Vxt is a smart voicemail driven assistant that converts user's voicemails to text and provides them with tools which save time and money by automating administrative tasks.

Our award winning team is made up of full-time tertiary students. Luke Campbell and Lucy Turner founded Vxt in November 2018. Luke studies physics & economics
. Lucy is Vice President of Women in Tech UC and is completing an honours degree after recently graduating in computer science. Vxt launched on iOS and Android in August 2019.

1 Million Kiwis check their voicemail at least once a week

Voicemail is slow, inconvenient and inefficient. We figure it's about time for voicemail to be brought up to speed with modern technology. Which is why we're on a mission to make voicemail more efficient with accurate speech-to-text software and other applications of machine learning.

Vxt was founded by Luke and Lucy as a part of the University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship Summer Startup Programme.

Since the pair finished the programme in February Vxt has gained the support of a variety of organisations.

If you're interested in how our visual voicemail software could help your business or to make a general inquiry don't hesitate to get in touch. See our contact details below.