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VXT is leading the transition to a world where administrative work is a distant memory.

Valued Behaviors

We believe a company’s actual values are shown by whom they hire, reward or let go. Below are the specific behaviors and skills we care about most. If these values describe you, and the people you want to work with, you’re likely to thrive at VXT.

Honest, Productive Feedback

VXT emphasizes the importance of regular, honest feedback for personal and organizational growth. Through coaching and promoting strong professional relationships, the company cultivates a culture of open communication, even acknowledging and aiding new employees or those from diverse cultures in this process.

Decision-making and problem-solving

You make reversible decisions quickly.
You make permanent decisions thoughtfully.
You have the courage to question the status quo, challenge authority, and seek out innovative solutions to drive progress.
You look beyond symptoms to identify systemic issues.
You use a deep understanding of our customers to inform all of your decisions.


You understand that done is better than perfect.
You are willing to try new things.
You seek fun and laughter with your colleagues.
You think highly of others.
You encourage others/celebrate success.
You act with good intent and trust your colleagues to do the same.
You are tenacious and optimistic.


You take personal accountability for the success of the company beyond the confines of your job description.
You take ownership of your work and make independent decisions.
You are always striving to do better, to learn, and to tackle scary problems.
You understand how and why our customers use our product.
You seek out the unique perspectives of colleagues in other disciplines to inform your decisions.


You debate ideas openly, and help implement whatever decision is made even when you disagree.
You are aware of people's strengths and weaknesses, especially your own.
You collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
You share responsibility for success and failure with your team.
You are confident but seek feedback.
You are direct and kind.
You are excited to interact with customers to help them solve problems.
You only say things about colleagues that you are willing to share with them.
Cameron Palmer
Head of Design
Chelsea Aitken
Chief Customer Officer
Daniel Bishop
Software Engineer
Duncan de Wet
Head of Engineering
Ella Cleary
Content Marketer
Josh Hogan
Head of Infrastructure
Louis Lin
Integrations Engineer
Lucy Turner
Chief Technology Officer
Luke Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
Shar Hilton
Customer Service and Implementation Manager
Sophie Svenson
Marketing and Partnerships Manager
Tom Abbott
Sales Development Representative
Tom King
Web Developer
William Burry
Chief Revenue Officer
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