Vxt puts communication in your control.

Vxt is your hub for all things telecommunications. We combine your calls with powerful workflow automation so that admin work is a thing of the past. 

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Business solutions tailored to you


Integrated With Your Favorite Apps

From practice management, CRMs and everything in between, our integrations have you covered.


Flexible Cloud Software

Manage your comms from any device through our desktop, mobile & web apps.


Automatic Phone Call Notes

Powerful speech recognition automatically generates call transcriptions. 


Easy Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Avoid disputes, with optional call recording.
Integrations make perfect record keeping painless.


Secure Communications

Whether your data is at rest or in transit, it's encrypted and made secure by our platform. 


Time Saving Workflow Automation

Our smart software uses comms data to automate admin tasks like recording your time from calls.

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Calls made easier with Vxt

Smart Voicemail & Speech Recognition

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With Vxt Smart Voicemail™ you can read or listen to voicemail, personalise greetings for business hours or specific contacts, manage messages from your computer and much more.

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