Vxt puts communication in your control.

All your communication needs on one platform that integrates with your existing tools to power automation. Call. Video. Voicemail. Notes.

iPhone with Vxt Calling UI
Trusted by 10,000+ users

Give your voice value

Use our cloud based platform to remotely communicate with your customers where ever you are. From home, the office or the beach, Vxt works anywhere.

The VoIP platform that changes everything

Make your customer experience a competitive advantage with Vxt Call's automations, call flows and integrations.

Cloud based platform
Multidevice Software
Call flows and automation

Loved by industry experts

"Vxt has created a better work environment and a better experience for our customers. Vxt gives us a better track record of calls made, logging, file notes and of course its many integrations."

Business solutions tailored to you.

Vxt Call can help your team avoid frustrations and save hours of time notetaking.

Integrate With Your Favourite Apps

Easily integrate with your favourite apps, so you never have to change your workflow.

Automatic Phone Call Notes

Powerful speech recognition automatically generates call transcriptions.

Secure Communications

Whether your data is at rest or in transit, it's encrypted and made secure by our platform.

Flexible Cloud Software

Manage your comms from any device through our desktop, mobile & web apps.

Easy Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Avoid disputes, with optional call recording. Integrations make perfect record keeping painless.

Time Saving Workflow Automation

Our smart software uses comms data to automate admin tasks like recording your time from calls.

The reviews are in.
People love Vxt.

"Vxt just creates a better environment for our clients and a better experience for us. Vxt will give us a better track record of calls made. They are very approachable and they certainly like moving quickly! It's been great."

- Alistair van Schalkwyk, Director @ ASCO Legal

"Partnering with a company like Vxt allows us to communicate with our customers with ease"

- Dave Jochem, Director & Advisor @ Insure

"One of the big value points of Vxt is that it integrates with our candidate tracking system. Vxt saves us heaps of time and we have found it straight forwards and easy to use. Vxt really stood out and it worked."

- Louie Bentley, Recruitment Manager @ Profile Group
iPhone with Vxt Calling UI

For Easier Business

Easily integrate with the cloud tools that you rely on to get the job done. So you can pave the way for more satisfying customer journeys.

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Smart Voicemail & Speech Recognition

With Vxt Voicemail™ you can read or listen to voicemail, personalise greetings for business hours or specific contacts, manage messages from your computer and much more.

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Get more value from our platform with our integrations.