Team chat makes communicating with your team easy

Team chat helps you and your team work better together.

Everything in one place

Team chat allows you to streamline your communication, and keep everything in one place.

Increase collaboration

Increase collaboration within your team by keeping all of your internal messages and calls in one place.

One record of communication

Connect your phone system with your team's chat to create a unified hub for all your communication records.

Ease of use

VXT is the easiest phone system you will ever use. Streamline your teams communication by using Team Chat alongside VXT Call.

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Integrated with your favourite platforms, VXT ensures effortless and dependable interactions.

"The phone system is perhaps the most important tool we have. It gives me peace of mind to know that VXT truly understands the level of importance to us. This level of understanding is a critical factor driving our loyalty to VXT. VOIP web and mobile applications which integrate with other systems can sometimes present issues which need fast resolution. During our time as a customer of both Aircall and Google Voice, we had great difficulty in getting the attention we needed when things went wrong leading to delay in our business, reduced user adoption and a general reduction in morale on the team."

John Lyle

CEO, Lyle Alexander

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