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Automate your law firm with legal integrations. Join hundreds of firms who trust VXT to enhance their client experience and streamline operations.

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Client experience depends on data, and VXT helps you deliver

Enable attorneys to focus on your clients

Seamlessly integrate with your legal practice management system to ensure that client interactions are always saved and accessible.

Capture more billable time with less manual work.

Resolve client disputes quickly with perfect records of advice.

VXT UI Screenshot
VXT UI Screenshot

Enjoy reliable call quality and great support

Our global calling infrastructure supports high quality, low latency calls anywhere in the world.

A customer success manager will provide hands on training to set up your team.

Access support at anytime by call, chat, email or an on-site visit.

Drive performance and generate revenue with VXT

VXT helps lawyers save time, mitigate risk, and generate revenue through it's advanced feature set and unique integrations with the tools you love. It's a phone system you can trust.

Save time

By automating manual paperwork, VXT saves you 5-10 minutes per call.

Mitigate risk

By recording and transcribing your calls, you have an accurate record of communication if any client disputes arise.

Generate revenue

20% of billable time goes unrecorded in the legal industry, we help you get some of that back

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VXT is integrated with your tools

Contractually stuck with your current VoIP provider?

Sometimes you get contractually stuck with a VoIP provider that just doesn't suit your needs. At VXT, we make it easy to make the switch.

"The phone system is perhaps the most important tool we have. It gives me peace of mind to know that VXT truly understands the level of importance to us. This level of understanding is a critical factor driving our loyalty to VXT. VOIP web and mobile applications which integrate with other systems can sometimes present issues which need fast resolution. During our time as a customer of both Aircall and Google Voice, we had great difficulty in getting the attention we needed when things went wrong leading to delay in our business, reduced user adoption and a general reduction in morale on the team."

John Lyle

CEO, Lyle Alexander

"VXT just creates a better environment for our clients and a better experience for us. VXT will give us a better track recrod of calls made. They are a very approachable company and they certainly like movin quickly! It's been great."

Alastair van Schalkwyk

Director, ASCO Legal

"We wanted a phone system the integrated with our practice management system and time recording software. Not only is VXT fully integrated with our system, but we also don't have issues with call quality, and the call flow functionality is superior to what we were using previously.

Christine King

Director, DK Law

"VXT’s clear caller identification feature saves us time and prepares us to answer any questions. When we are reviewing progress, we also save time by quickly reviewing the record of messages VXT saves to our ATS."

Iain MacGibbon

Managing Director, Farrow Jamieson

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