Don't go wireless

Recommended, reliable headsets

Wired headsets are best for reliable call quality

The problem with wireless headsets

Wireless headsets regardless of their quality cause our clients headaches.

Sleep mode causes up to 20s of silence at the start of calls

Managing Bluetooth and sound settings is hard for some people

Wireless connections introduce latency and call quality issues

We strongly recommend wired

The benefits of wired headsets

Wireless headsets cause hours of frustration for our clients training staff, troubleshooting issues, and degrading call quality which ultimately affects their client experience. Wired headsets solve all of these problems.

Call quality

A wired connection is low latency, with high quality audio and is better supported by laptop and desktop devices.


Staff never have to mess around with complicated Bluetooth and sound settings.


Wired headsets are much cheaper than their wireless counterparts.


We recommend wired Jabra devices

Any mid-range wired headset built for loud office environments will perform well. Whatever device you're looking at should have a directed microphone and active or passive noise cancelling to reduce background noise for the caller and your staff.
However, we have a few favorites at VXT that we recommend to our clients.


Jabra Evolve 20

The Jabra Evolve 20 is a low-end reliable work horse that is a great option for price sensitive businesses.

Passive noise cancellation

Supports PC and Mac

Comes in USB-A or audio jack variants

a headset with a microphone attached to it

Jabra Evolve2 40

The Jabra Evolve2 40 is a mid-range device in Jabra's new Evolve2 series of devices.

Great passive noise cancellation for loud offices

Supports PC and Mac

Comes in USB-A or USB-C variants

No Jabra headset? No problem.

No worries if you don't have our recommended wired Jabra headsets. VXT is compatible with all wired and wireless headsets. However, we strongly recommend wired Jabra headsets for optimal performance, as detailed above. Rest assured, any headset will work, but wired Jabra are our preferred option for the best experience.

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