Calling and SMS for Vincere

Sync your calls, and notes with Vincere to automate your record keeping, mitigate risk and win more placements.

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Click to Call

Make calls directly from the software you use to run your business.

Save to Job

Save data from calls to jobs in your applicant tracking system.

Contact Syncing

Have personalized conversations by accessing the caller's name and information.


Elevate your recruitment practice with VXT, the cloud-based VoIP phone system built for Vincere users. VXT syncs your calls and notes, automating your record keeping to mitigate risk and win more placements.

Call recording and transcription

Our call recording and transcription feature makes it easy to record important calls. VXT can automatically transcribe your call recordings, and suggests a relevant candidate to save it to, making it easy to review specific parts of the conversation at a later date. Recording your calls can be a great tool to mitigate risk and make resolving client disputes easier.


Switch on enforcement settings for your organisation to ensure calls are always recorded and transcribed.

Understand who's calling

We sync your contacts from Vincere and display names and notes against caller IDs so you know who's calling when you answer the phone. With instant access to the caller's name and information, you never have to ask "John, who?" ever again. With contacts available in VXT you can search by name in the app when you want to make a call.

Click to call from Vincere

Call straight out of Vincere. Clicking on supported links will open the VXT app and initiate a call in seconds.

Mobile and desktop apps

Take calls from anywhere using our mobile or desktop applications. Our Vincere integration works on both!


See individual or organisation call analytics at a glance with VXT's high level insights.

Screenshot of VXT desktop application.

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Simplify your workflow today

VXT integrates into your workflow. Making life simpler for you, and your clients.