Calling and SMS for JobAdder - VXT Integration

May 16, 2023
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Hi, It’s Luke here.

In this video i’m going to show you VXT’s integration with JobAdder.

Can’t watch the video right now? Check out a summary of the highlights below!

What is VXT?

VXT is a cloud-based VoIP phone system built for recruitment agencies.

JobAdder Integration Features

Automatically Save Notes

With VXT’s JobAdder integration you can automatically save notes from phone calls to contacts, candidates or jobs.

Click to Call Straight from JobAdder

Click to call straight from JobAdder and keep a better record of the calls your recruiters are making.


You can also use VXT for SMS. Send and receive SMS messages and automatically save these to JobAdder.

Understand Who’s Calling

When you receive a phone call, VXT will pull your most recent notes from JobAdder and display them on the incoming call so you know who's calling and are able to have personalised conversations.

The VXT Calling Experience

So I'm a recruiter and I use VXT for my phone system. To make a call, I can call straight out of JobAdder, I can also call from VXT. Because my JobAdder contacts and candidates are synced with VXT, I can search my database by name or number.

When I'm on a call in VXT all of my controls are down in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I can add people to the call to make a conference call, transfer the call to my colleagues and also take my own manual notes during the call. Additionally, I can choose to record all or parts of the call. After the call, I can have the recording transcribed automatically and saved to JobAdder.

When I’m finished with the call, this is where we see the bulk of our JobAdder integration. JobAdder will identify If I already have the phone number saved as a contact. If I don't have a candidate saved for the contact, I can create a new candidate straight from VXT. I can also choose to save the call to a job. VXT syncs the note types from JobAdder as well, so If I was on the phone with a contact for business development purposes I would select that note type.

When I hit save, all of the data associated with the call has been saved in JobAdder. This includes: the duration of the call, who was on the phone, notes from the call, and the transcription.

How it Looks in JobAdder

If I navigate to my contact profile I can see the recent call. If I take a look, there are the notes that I took manually during the call, the parties involved in the call and as I mentioned the transcription is there too.

Down the bottom there is also a link to the call in VXT that I could copy and paste into my browser to access the recording.

If you want to learn more about the integration or the other parts of the VXT platform like analytics, contact management, or advanced call routing -  reach out to the VXT team.

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