Contact-based Greetings in our Latest Update 🤝😮

September 10, 2021
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Mobile release 2.10.0

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In our latest mobile app update, we've released some really valuable new features. Contact-based greetings allow you to play custom greetings for different contacts. You can save one for Mum, your partner, a top client, or anyone else.

Contact-based Greetings

Our team is really excited to announce this new feature. With contact-based greetings, you can astound your contacts with greetings specific to them. It allows you to create a closer relationship with key people in your business and personal lives.

Simply press the contact icon on one of your saved greetings and assign as many contacts as you like to that greeting. You might like to say something special for your partner when you miss their call, or you could save a more general greeting for every John and one for every Nancy on your list. Whilst it might not seem like much, the extra time and effort you go to to ensure your contacts know you value your relationship with them will help you stand out from everyone else.

Playing Through Your Earpiece

Now you're able to toggle playing messages via speaker or through the earpiece on your phone. This means if you're in a public space you don't have to wait for a more appropriate time to listen to a message. Just hit the option in Settings, place your phone to your ear and you're good to go. The update also includes a variety of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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