How to Choose the Best Recruitment Software for Your Recruitment Agency in 2022

June 13, 2022
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78% of businesses are expanding their Saas (software as a solution) tools as of 2020. This percentage has been growing with businesses focussing on leveraging AI and automation tools to improve processes. Choosing the right recruitment software may mean the difference between your agency and others. But with so many options and features available, it can be a difficult task. Consider these important factors when choosing the best recruitment software for your agency’s needs.


Recruitment software itself can be powerful tool. But its ability to integrate with other external software solutions may actually make the greatest difference in the value of the software, and the performance of your agency. They can keep your recruitment agency up to date with the latest technology designed to make work simpler.

External software solutions can communicate directly with recruitment software to help make various tasks easier. Integrations that do this include referencing checking, digital document signing, and even smart communications software (VoIP services).

As of 2018, 61% of companies were planning on migrating to VoIP services once their current phone contract expired. The many benefits of VoIP phone systems such as the cost savings, increased flexibility in workplaces, and productivity tools, are increasing this percentage rapidly in 2022. A smart communications solution is a valuable integration tool for recruiters that make calls with colleagues and candidates frequently. Choosing a CRM and applicant tracking system that can integrate with a cloud-based calling system can save your agency time and money. Tasks like time entries, file notes, and call records can be automated and recorded in the recruitment software. This will save your recruitment agency hours a week, and can make it easier to increase compliance.

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Cloud-Based or Offline

Now more than ever we see the benefits and viability of working from home and otherwise working remotely. With more tech moving to online and cloud-based systems, we’re afforded greater flexibility with increased efficiency.

Some recruitment solutions are following suit, allowing agencies to be more resilient against changes happening worldwide, and allowing their recruiters to be productive in a way that suits them.

Recruitment agencies using cloud-based recruitment software like JobAdder and Bullhorn are amongst those that are keeping up to date with tech trends, and are even setting the standard. They integrate with various other cloud-based software, such as phone systems built for recruiters, to make work easier.

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Note that price may not matter as much as you may think. Most recruitment solutions carry optional features and tools. The size and demands of your agency will vary how the prices of the overall software apply.

So instead of looking at the prices of your options at face value, consider the money saved or spent in the future due to the recruitment solution. What are the costs of migrating all your team members from your current system to the new solution? What IT issues might arise or might be prevented in the future? How might productivity be affected as a result of the system you choose?

These considerations make price a much less important factor to consider in the short-term. Instead, consider the features and long-term benefits of the varying options available.

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Size of Your Recruitment Agency

Large international agencies will have distinct needs and quirks, as will smaller boutique agencies. The size of your recruitment agency may mean variation in the tasks completed by recruiters, and therefore the suitability of the recruitment software. Consider the size of your recruitment agency and whether its needs will be met by the best recruitment software out there.

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Ease of Use / UI

The user interface of the recruitment software will greatly impact the usefulness of the system in practice. It can impact how quickly your recruitment agency adapts to migrating to that system, and how useful the software is in the long-term.

To help recruitment agencies get a gauge on how easy the software is to use, most recruitment software will provide a demo upon request, showing how the software would look to recruiters.

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Size of Software Company

Implementing any new recruitment software can be a tricky process, and the size of the recruitment software will affect the experience of your recruitment agency. Smaller businesses might provide a more bespoke and customized approach, while larger businesses might rely more on their established internal systems to service recruitment agencies.  

This can influence the quality and type of customer service provided. When tech support is needed, the size of the provider may affect how quickly they can respond, and how they respond. Consider the best options for you in terms of the customer support you expect.

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Build your business of the future...

Being in the position of choosing recruitment software for your recruitment agency is an exciting one. It is an opportunity to steer your recruitment agency through 2022 and increase its competitive edge, by using the latest innovations yet. Considering factors like the integrations available, whether the system is cloud-based, and the ease of use and customer support will help you make the best decision about things that actually matter in practice.

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