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*Solved* Call Forwarding Not Working on Some iPhones

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

For an as yet unknown reason, for a number of iOS users, conditional call forwarding doesn't activate correctly even though your device reports that call forwarding settings were changed successfully.

Update July 2020: We're aware that this article is receiving attention from people all over the world experiencing conditional call forwarding issues on iPhones. The solution below will resolve your issue. If you're having trouble with the instructions please feel free to reach out to us at even if you are not using our products, we'll help. Background

When you set up your Vxt Voicemail App we ask you to call a fairly strange looking phone number.


Calling this code tells your mobile service provider to forward all of your missed calls to our phone number, +6439308026.

Understandably most people aren't used to call forwarding codes so this can be a pretty confusing step.

For an as yet unknown reason, for a small number of users on iOS devices, call forwarding doesn't activate correctly even though your device reports that call forwarding settings were changed successfully.

Sometimes this means none of your voicemail comes through Vxt and they continue to go to your inbox with your mobile service provider. For other users some messages will come through Vxt and others through their traditional inbox. Our best guess is that this is caused by an incompatibility between certain iOS devices and mobile service providers. We think this is the case because this issue only occurs on iOS devices and occurs much more often on the Vodafone NZ network.


What you'll need:

  • Your iPhone, experiencing the issue, and an Android device (Not an iPhone). If you don't have a spare Android device you'll need to borrow one. It should only take a few minutes.

An iOS & an Android device

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the SIM card from the iOS (iPhone) device having the problem and put it into the other (Android) phone.

Inserting Vodafone SIM from our iPhone into a spare Android device

Step 2: Ring the call forwarding number from the Android device.

Once you have called the number, everything going well, you will see this message informing you that call forwarding has been activated on your SIM card.

Step 3: Put the SIM card back into your iPhone.

Inserting our Vodafone SIM back into our iPhone after activating call forwarding.

Step 4: Try leaving yourself a test voicemail.

Step 5: If it worked, celebrate! If not, email us at and we'll do our best to help.

Disclaimer: We have only tested this solution on devices we have access to. It may not work on every device. If it doesn't work for you, double-check you performed each step correctly and if you're confident you have, but it still hasn't worked, please reach out.

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