Tompkins Wake's Success Recipe for Implementing Actionstep: A Blueprint for Seamless Transformation

April 4, 2024
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Tompkins Wake's Success Recipe for Implementing Actionstep: A Blueprint for Seamless Transformation with Matthew Vaughan, Chief Information Officer.

Embarking on the implementation of a new practice management software system is no small feat, but for Tompkins Wake, it became a journey marked by strategic decisions and meticulous planning. We delve into the blueprint crafted by Tompkins Wake as they seamlessly integrated Actionstep into their operations, transforming their workflow for the better. From choosing the right partner to navigating data challenges and ensuring a smooth migration, Tompkins Wake shares invaluable insights garnered from their journey, offering a blueprint for legal firms embarking on their own path of technological transformation.

Choosing the Right Partner: A Strategic Collaboration with Verlata Consulting 🤝

Selecting the perfect implementation partner is like laying the cornerstone of a successful project. Tompkins Wake found their match in Verlata Consulting, tapping into their wealth of expertise and experience. With Verlata's guidance complementing Tompkins Wake's strong in-house team, they forged a partnership that paved the way for success. Together, they navigated complexities, ensuring each step of the implementation journey was guided by strategic insights and industry best practices.

Data Delve: Unraveling the Complexity of Data 📈

In today's digital landscape, data reigns supreme, especially in legal tech implementation. Tompkins Wake understood this, diving deep into their data challenges. From tackling poor data sanitization to managing multiple data sources, they faced each obstacle head-on. Their commitment to data integrity laid a sturdy foundation for a seamless transition, ensuring every piece of information seamlessly integrated into the new system.

Dedicated Effort: The Backbone of Implementation 🙋🏽‍♀️

Implementing a new technology solution demands more than technical expertise; it requires a dedicated team. At Tompkins Wake, this dedication was palpable. A team of passionate individuals poured their efforts into the migration process. From migrating documents to tailoring Actionstep's functionality, their unwavering commitment formed the backbone of the project, ensuring every aspect was crafted to suit the firm's unique needs.

Training and Preparation: Empowering the Team for Success 👏

In the ever-evolving world of legal tech, preparation is key. Tompkins Wake prioritized training and preparation for their team, ensuring every member was well-versed in the new system while maintaining workflow seamlessly.

Migration Milestone: Navigating the Transition with Precision 🗺️

The migration phase marks a pivotal milestone in any implementation project. Tompkins Wake prepared meticulously for this, anticipating challenges like the stand-down period required for migration, particularly in financial reconciliation. Proactively addressing potential hurdles, they navigated this critical phase, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. This foresight and planning underscored their commitment to excellence, solidifying their success story in legal tech implementation.

Keep this blueprint saved for a successful implementation of Actionstep!💡

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