Farrow Jamieson

How Farrow Jamieson found the perfect blend of innovation and simplicity with VXT

VXT is a VoIP phone system built for lawyers and recruiters to automate admin work, and simplify workflows. Saving time and resources on calls by integrating into your workflow.

Why Farrow Jamieson Changed Phone Systems

Previously, Farrow Jamieson was using Aircall but felt it was lacking in innovation. "Aircall is a tank - it works, but it's not particularly innovative," Iain Macgibbon explains. This dissatisfaction led them to explore other options, ultimately discovering VXT.

"When you integrated with JobAdder, that became an even more compelling story," Iain recalls.

The decision to switch wasn't about immediate savings; "We didn't save that much money with VXT, but we were able to integrate with JobAdder, and we could see the trajectory for the product was pretty much vertical. VXT listened to our ideas and implemented them where they would add value" says Iain.

VXT Makes Complexity Invisible

"The best thing about VXT can be put down to it being smooth and simple. It is complex and powerful underneath, but what VXT does really well is skin things so it is simple. Each iteration has got better and better," he notes.

Seamless Integration with JobAdder

Farrow Jamieson's choice of JobAdder as their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was also driven by its simplicity and yet technical capabilities. "One of the deciding factors was that when I met with the CEO of JobAdder was that his other title was 'Chief Simplification Officer'. That sealed the deal," Iain reveals.

"Being able to record and transcribe calls in VXT and have these save automatically against contact and candidate records in JobAdder is very useful," Iain explains.

Resolving Client Disputes with Accurate Records at Your Fingertips

The transcription feature of VXT has proven invaluable in resolving client disputes for Farrow Jamieson.

"We had a case where a client claimed they had indicated a certain salary range, which we disagreed with. Thanks to the transcriptions, we were able to prove they didn't say that," Iain recounts.

Creating Genuine Connections

Farrow Jamieson prides itself on its WISE values: Wisdom, Intelligence, Simplicity, and Empathy, which reflect their owl logo. Relating to the value of empathy, one of their key goals is to create a sense of connection with their clients.

"With VXT, I know who you are and where you work immediately because of the contact syncing with JobAdder. It creates a connection that makes you feel special," Iain says.

This immediate recognition helps Iain maintain relationships with over 170,000 clients in his database, even if they are clients he hasn’t interacted with for years.

Key Results:

  • Integration with JobAdder: Save call recordings and transcriptions automatically.
  • A Simple User Experience: An interface that hides underlying complexities.
  • Dispute Resolution: Accurate transcriptions that aid in resolving client disputes.
  • Consistent Documentation: Comprehensive records for every call.
  • Client Connection: Immediate contact recognition through contact syncing.

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