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Revolutionizing Client Communication: Saunders and Co-Lawyers' Journey with VXT

Saunders and Co-Lawyers, a medium-sized law firm founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, with approximately 90 dedicated staff spread across four offices, has always prioritized delivering exceptional client experiences. Their commitment to innovation and improving client communication led them to explore solutions beyond their clunky and outdated phone system. In their pursuit of seamless and efficient client interactions, they found the perfect ally in VXT.

Embracing Change for Client-Centricity

John Bates, the General Manager of Saunders and Co-Lawyers, recalls their journey to modernize their communication systems. "The phone system we had previously was functioning but was extremely clunky. It wasn't very intuitive. We knew that there were solutions out there, and we went exploring and found VXT. You guys came along and promised the world, and we believed what you were telling us." He highlights that VXT stood out because of their genuine commitment to finding solutions that aligned with the firm's needs.

"VXT was genuine in wanting to find solutions; they invested a lot of time and effort in our firm and making sure that our needs were met."

For Saunders and Co-Lawyers, the client experience is paramount

When clients call a VXT number, you can be in the office, you can be out of the office; it doesn't matter. You still get the call either to your mobile or to your PC. You've got all the functionality there, and the client experience doesn't change.

VXT allows lawyers to maintain flexibility in their interactions with clients. John Bates explains, "Young lawyers, who perhaps bring their mobile phone numbers into the firm, don't need to expose that number to the client to receive calls on their mobile. You can get it on VXT, they also don't need to be available 24/7."

"The main thing I like about VXT is the seamless experience for the client.”

Enhanced Communication and Data Collection

Saunders and Co-Lawyers has found valuable features in VXT, such as the ability to record conversations and the transcription of voicemail messages. John Bates appreciates the ease of use, saying, "One of the functions VXT has that's very useful and easy to use is the ability to record a conversation with the client's consent, and there's also the transcribing of voicemail messages. Again, very easy to record and save." With VXT, file notes are automatically created after a call and saved to your practice management system. This automation saves each lawyer approximately one hour per day on paperwork.

"There is a lot of data collection smarts there that ease your day-to-day work."

Saunders and Co-Lawyers' partnership with VXT has transformed their client communication and elevated their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. VXT's seamless solutions have enabled the firm to stay connected with clients regardless of their location, fostering flexibility and efficiency in their operations. The firm now benefits from enhanced data collection and recording capabilities, further enriching their client-centric approach. With VXT, Saunders and Co-Lawyers are well-positioned to continue their journey of client-centric innovation in the legal industry.

Key results

  • A seamless experience for the client.
  • Flexibility with the way in which lawyers interact and communicate with clients.
  • Enhanced communication records and call data.
  • Approximately one hour saved per lawyer, per day on paperwork.

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