VXT is a VoIP phone system built for lawyers and recruiters to automate admin work, and simplify workflows. Saving time and resources on calls by integrating into your workflow.

A Mission for Enhanced Efficiency

Talent Quarter, a leading recruitment agency in Australia with a dedicated team of 75 staff members, has always prioritised efficiency and innovation in its operations. The agency covers a wide range of placements, from doctors to social care workers, aiming to accommodate both local and permanent positions within the healthcare sector. Faced with significant challenges in their previous phone systems (8x8 and CloudCall) the need for a more effective solution became clear. The agency was on a mission to find a system that could streamline its recruitment processes and enhance the team's productivity.

Evaluating New Solutions: A Comprehensive Approach

"We tested ten different systems," recalls Katarina Barbasova, Leader of Efficiency and Transformation at Talent Quarter. "Our goal was to find a tool that not only fit our operational needs but was also user-friendly and intuitive for our team."

After rigorous testing, Talent Quarter decided on VXT. The distinguishing factors were VXT's team-centric approach, ease of use, seamless integration with Bullhorn and the simplicity with which the Talent Quarter team could learn and adapt to it.

A Smooth Transition: Overcoming Initial Reservations

Katarina shares that the business had initial reservations about moving to another new VoIP provider. In the last 12 months, Talent Quarter had already been customers of both 8x8 and CloudCall, both solutions requiring extensive training for team members to be able to use the solution.

"Transitioning to a new system is always a concern for any business," says Katerina. "Given our past experiences, there were reservations, but within the first week of using VXT, the feedback from our recruiters was overwhelmingly positive. They found it incredibly easy to use and quick to learn, making the transition smooth and welcome."

A Principal Consultant at Talent Quarter, shares his experience: "Six months ago, Talent Quarter introduced VXT, and my experience has been absolutely fantastic. The reliability and functionality of VXT have been outstanding; we've had zero downtime and excellent call quality. Additionally, the support from VXT has been exceptional, ensuring any issues are swiftly addressed."

A seamless integration with Bullhorn

"One of the best features of VXT is how it integrates with our ATS system. This integration syncs client and candidate notes directly, saving us a lot of time. It also syncs all of our contacts, so we always know who’s calling, which is super useful." Says a representative from Talent Quarter.

The integration of VXT into Talent Quarter's workflow resulted in significant improvements in how the agency managed its recruitment processes. The team found themselves more organised, with better-utilised systems that enhanced overall productivity and efficiency.

Embracing Innovation for Future Success

Talent Quarter’s strategic move to VXT has exemplified the impact of finding the right tools that align with a team's needs and operational goals. Their story serves as a testament to the benefits of embracing innovative  and industry specific solutions. The adoption of VXT not only addressed previous challenges but also set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness within Talent Quarter.

Key Results

  • Reduced time spent on managing and training for complex systems
  • Improved communication and collaboration across the business
  • Enhanced efficiency, providing more time to add value to clients
  • Achieved a seamless integration with Bullhorn, saving time and improving data management

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