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The Power Duo: How i4 Search Group Scaled with VXT and Loxo

VXT is a VoIP phone system built for lawyers and recruiters to automate admin work, and simplify workflows. Saving time and resources on calls by integrating into your workflow.

Founded in 2019, i4 Search Group is one of the fastest-growing healthcare recruiting companies in North America and specializes in recruiting healthcare professionals for permanent positions across the United States. Led by Scott Butts, the President of i4 Search Group, the company has grown to employ 65 individuals dedicated to placing healthcare heroes where they are needed most.

The Initial Challenge

As i4 Search Group expanded, their initial phone system proved inadequate. It lacked essential features and scalability, prompting a search for a more robust communication solution that could integrate seamlessly with their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Loxo.

Discovering VXT

After thorough research and testing, Scott and his team selected VXT. The integration with Loxo provided the necessary features, including comprehensive mobile functionality, which was crucial for i4 Search Group’s dispersed team.

“We were looking for something that could connect with our database, have mobile applications, and offer call and text functionality. VXT ticked all those boxes,” explained, Scott, President of i4 Search Group.

Seamless Implementation and Training

Implementing VXT was smooth and efficient, thanks to the excellent training and support from the VXT team. Despite being the first company to integrate VXT with Loxo, i4 Search Group experienced a successful transition.

“The training was impeccable. The VXT team was extremely patient and broke down the process into manageable parts,” said Scott, President of i4 Search Group.

A New Sense for Mobility

VXT’s mobile application enabled i4 Search Group’s recruiters to work efficiently from anywhere. This flexibility was essential for a franchise organization where recruiters often take calls outside of traditional office hours.

“VXT’s mobile functionality means our recruiters can take calls and log information on the go, just as they would at their desks. This flexibility is invaluable,” said Scott, President of i4 Search Group.

Enhancing Efficiency and Tracking by Integrating with Loxo

The integration with Loxo streamlined i4 Search Group’s recruitment process, saving time through instantaneous note logging and accurate data tracking. This capability helped define and achieve their success metrics.

“With VXT and Loxo, we can track calls and texts accurately, helping us understand what success looks like in real terms,” said Scott, President of i4 Search Group.

Ongoing Support and Improvement

VXT’s commitment to continuous support and adaptation ensured that i4 Search Group’s evolving needs were met. The company appreciated VXT’s willingness to listen and implement user feedback.

“The support has been great, and VXT’s responsiveness to our needs has been impressive. They’re always working to improve and adapt,” said Scott, President of i4 Search Group.

The seamless integration of VXT with Loxo has transformed i4 Search Group’s communication and recruitment processes, driving their success and making VXT an essential tool for their continued growth and success in the healthcare recruitment industry.

Key Results:

  • Seamless Integration: Instantly log all communication and notes in Loxo.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Full functionality on mobile devices.
  • Efficient Training: Hands on, patient sessions.
  • Reliable Metrics: Accurate call and SMS tracking.

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