An excellent Microsoft Teams alternative

Experience the simplicity of VXT's interface alongside seamless integration with your favourite tools. Make the switch today and enjoy effortless communication with unparalleled support.

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VXT vs MS Teams

MS Teams is a great option for your communication needs, but we believe that VXT does it better.. If your unsure with which platform to pick we've helped compare the two below.

MS Teams
Industry integrations
Dedicated onboarding and support
Internal team messaging
International minutes

Why we're a better MS Teams alternative

Integrations with 40+ tools

Integrate with over 40 of your favourite tools for no additional cost.

Analytics built in

Keep a track of your organisations calling habits with analytics built into the platform.

Dedicated support

Get dedicated support with a VXT representative always ready to help you with your issues.

"Our experience with the VXT team is first rate. They quickly respond to any issues and are clear if it can be solved quickly or in what timeframe. I would absolutely recommend VXT to others for it’s rapid development and deployment of ideas."

Iain MacGibbon

Managing Director, Farrow Jamieson

Contractually stuck with your current VoIP provider?

Sometimes you get contractually stuck with a VoIP provider that just doesn't suit your needs. At VXT, we make it easy to make the switch.

VXT is integrated with all your tools

Ready for something better than Teams?

VXT runs on the device you are using right now. Try it for free today.