Contact Syncing

Have personalized conversations by accessing the caller's name and information.

Time Tracking Automation

Optimize your billable hours from phone calls by allowing VXT to automatically complete your time entry after each call.

Automated File Notes

Be smarter with your time and automate your file notes to be saved against a particular matter.


Elevate your legal practice with VXT, the cloud-based VoIP phone system built for Actionstep users. VXT automates time entries, file note creation, and contact syncing, helping you save time, manage compliance and mitigate risk.

Record and transcribe your phone calls

Our call recording and transcription feature makes it easy to record important calls. VXT can automatically transcribe your call recordings, and suggests a relevant matter to save it to, making it easy to review specific parts of the conversation at a later date. Recording your calls can be a great tool to mitigate risk and make resolving client disputes easier.

Capture more time

20% of billable time goes unrecorded. Our integration with Actionstep automatically captures time entries from every call across mobile and desktop. Time recording is essential even if it's non-billable (fixed fees or pro bono) so that you can understand the costs. Your staff will love automatic time recording.

Sync SMS to Actionstep

Send and receive SMS messages from within VXT (dependant on your location). View your SMS messages against the client in Actionstep.

Understand who's calling

We sync your contacts from Actionstep and display names against caller IDs so you know who's calling when you answer the phone. With instant access to the caller's name and information, you never have to ask "John, who?" ever again. With contacts available in VXT you can search by name in the app when you want to make a call.

Click to call from Actionstep

Call straight out of Actionstep. Clicking on supported links will open the VXT app and initiate a call in seconds.

Mobile and desktop apps

Take calls from anywhere using our mobile or desktop applications. Our Actionstep integration works on both!

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Integration Features

Integrate seamlessly with Actionstep

Case Study

See how Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers uses Actionstep with VXT

VXT: A Game-Changer for Call Reliability at Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers

Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers significantly enhanced their call reliability and efficiency by adopting VXT. By integrating VXT seamlessly with their practice management system, Actionstep, they streamlined their operations and improved billing accuracy. With VXT's dependable performance and responsive support, the firm has boosted client satisfaction and is well-equipped for future growth.

Simplify your workflow today

VXT integrates into your workflow. Making life simpler for you, and your clients.