November 24, 2023

Anastasiya's Story of Trying to Become Partner whilst her Family Dodges Bombs in Ukraine

Enclosed in this file: growing up in Ukraine during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, moving to the U.S. alone at 15, mentorship, the intricacies of corporate transactions and an insight into the partner nomination process.

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Episode Five

Your host for this episode is ⁠Luke Campbell⁠ and ⁠Ella Cleary.⁠

In this episode of File Notes, we embark on a captivating narrative that unfolds the life of ⁠Anastasia Gamble⁠, a woman whose journey from the heart of Ukraine to becoming a partner at ⁠Simpson Grierson⁠ in 2022 is marked by courage and resilience.

⁠Anastasia's⁠ journey unfolds against the backdrop of her nation's transition from the Soviet Union to independence. Her story is one of audacious decisions and the unwavering pursuit of professional excellence.

Join us as we traverse the chapters of her life - her childhood in Ukraine, a daring move to the U.S. at 15, studying law in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, the pivotal moments of mentorship, and the profound impact of the invasion of Ukraine, coinciding with her ascent to partnership.

Transcription Summary

Growing up in Ukraine, ⁠Anastasiya⁠ bore witness to a nation undergoing significant transitions during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Demonstrating remarkable courage at the age of 15, ⁠Anastasiya⁠, already a high school graduate, embarked on a year-long exchange in the United States. Fueling her academic pursuits, at 17, ⁠Anastasiya⁠ set her course for New Zealand, where she chose to delve into the realms of law and economics at the University of Auckland, ultimately establishing it as her newfound home.

During her university years, ⁠Anastasiya⁠ showcased her proactive spirit by securing a legal position at Madison Hardy, with Principal Geoff Hardy recognized her potential. This encounter paved the way for a mentorship that would significantly shape the trajectory of her early career. Opting to further enrich her professional journey, she later joined ⁠Simpson Grierson.⁠ After eight years of unwavering dedication, Anastasiya achieved the momentous milestone of becoming partner.

⁠Anastasiya⁠ takes the audience behind the scenes of corporate and transactional legal work, discussing the intricacies of typical M&A deals from inception to completion. Beyond her legal acumen, she reveals the indispensable skills—ranging from business development to profile elevation—that proved instrumental on her path to partnership. Delving into the inner workings of legal partnerships, she sheds light on the critical factors that partners weigh when determining new appointments.

The discussion further delves into the intensity of the partnership nomination process, emphasizing the pivotal support ⁠Anastasiya⁠ received from her peers during the challenging period coinciding with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The conversation touches upon ⁠Anastasiya's⁠ impactful endeavors to support Ukraine, spanning from governmental lobbying to fundraising initiatives through the charity she co-founded, Mahi for Ukraine.

The episode culminates in ⁠Anastasiya⁠ sharing her personal experience with the war in Ukraine, highlighting it as her greatest life challenge, profoundly shaping her perspective on life.

Connect with ⁠Anastasiya on LinkedIn⁠ or find her details on the ⁠Simpson Grierson website. ⁠

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