Episode Six

Your host for this episode is Sophie Svenson.

Angus Grayson

Angus Grayson is the visionary behind HouseMe Legal, a legal practice revolutionizing the home buying experience for first-time buyers in Auckland.

Angus has successfully crafted a legal practice that uses technology to deliver efficient and transparent services tailored to the evolving needs of the next generation of homeowners. In a departure from the traditional processes long employed by large firms, Angus's innovative approach resonates with the shifting attitudes of millennials.

Join us as we explore the intricacies of launching your own practice, identifying niche markets, mastering the art of technological integration, and the role of mentorship in an environment that requires both entrepreneurial and legal skills. We delve into the strategic decisions that led Angus to start his own practice and the principles that guide HouseMe Legal in delivering exceptional services to a niche market.

Transcription Summary

From dissecting the steps of entrepreneurship to understanding the strategic decisions that underpin HouseMe Legal's success, this conversation is a deep dive into the dynamic intersection of law and business, showcasing Angus's innovative approach to legal services for the next generation of homeowners.

Angus takes us through the hurdles he encountered after graduating, navigating an oversaturated job market and finding his footing in a boutique firm before making a strategic move to Buddle Finlay. Six years into his career in commercial property law, Angus was poised for the next step when the unforeseen impact of COVID-19 altered his course.

HouseMe Legal emerged from Angus's realization that first home buyers deserved a more personalized and transparent home buying experience. We discuss Angus's step-by-step process in establishing his practice, from courses with the New Zealand Law Society to leveraging technology at each stage of his processes for optimal efficiency. Throughout the conversation, Angus underscores the importance of transparency, and education in providing clients with certainty during their home buying journey.

Key takeaways include the significance of building systems early on, maintaining work-life balance, and the strategic selection of mentors who offer guidance in both legal and business aspects. Angus shares tactics for organic personal brand growth and targeted outreach to find ideal clients.

In just over a year, House Me Legal has carved a niche by staying laser-focused on delivering exceptional service to first home buyers, embodying the spirit of innovation in the legal landscape.

Message Angus Grayson on LinkedIn if you would like to discuss starting your own firm, and receive a copy of his guide to starting your own practice.

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