December 26, 2023

Law Firm Loyalty: To Stay or Stray from Your Current Firm?

Enclosed in this file: cultivating enduring client relationships, pursuing further legal education, competition law intricacies and the skills you need to develop to become partner.

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Episode Nine

Your host for this episode is Sophie Svenson and Ella Cleary.

Anna Ryan

In this episode, we speak with Anna Ryan, the brilliant mind and seasoned competition law expert at Lane Neave, one of New Zealand's top law firms. Anna takes us through her career and shares insights and pieces of advice you can only gain from 16 years in the legal trenches.

Our conversation kicks off with Anna's early days at Lane Neave as a graduate, initially planning a two-year stint before global events reshaped her career trajectory. Instead of heading abroad, she found herself rising through the ranks, becoming partner, and developing a passion for cultivating enduring client relationships—a hallmark of her time at Lane Neave.

Anna shares the story of her academic pursuits, particularly her Masters in competition law at Melbourne University. This academic venture laid the groundwork for founding Lane Neave's competition law practice, where Anna advises on complex issues related to cartels and misuse of market power under New Zealand's Commerce Act.

Beyond the legal nuances, Anna emphasizes the crucial role of soft skills and relationships in a lawyer's success, especially as they progress into senior roles. Drawing from her wealth of experience, she shares practical insights into understanding diverse personalities and adapting one's approach for maximum effectiveness.

The episode also explores alternative career pathways for lawyers not aspiring to traditional partner roles. From special counsel to consultancy, in-house positions, or becoming a barrister, Anna provides a nuanced perspective on the diverse avenues available within the legal profession.

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