Episode 12

Your host for this episode is Sophie Svenson and Luke Campbell.

Colin Levy

Colin Levy, a prominent figure in the legal tech field, has a compelling story that weaves together his lively upbringing in Boston with his current roles as Director of Legal at Malbek, a legal tech company, and as a notable legal/tech personality on social media. His journey is marked by passion, resilience, and purpose.

In his early career, Colin discovered his inclination toward in-house counsel work focused on technology, diverging from the traditional norms of law firm culture. Reflecting on his experiences in law school and an exchange program at the London School of Economics, he shares pivotal moments that shaped his perspective, emphasizing a practical and tech-centric approach to legal practice.

As the Director of Legal at Malbek, Colin not only navigates the complexities of contract lifecycle management but also actively engages in content marketing and relationship-building. His goal is to showcase the dynamic landscape of legal tech through insightful interviews.

The episode explores a crucial aspect of professional life—addressing mental health challenges. Colin candidly shares his experience with burnout early in his career, highlighting the importance of normalizing discussions around mental health and actively listening to issues before they escalate.

Colin then guides us through his strategic approach to building a thought leadership presence. From intentional growth on social media by engaging with others' content to crafting his own focused content on legal tech, Colin explains how he cultivated an online personal brand and community. This journey culminated in the authorship of a book introducing the legal tech landscape. Mentorship and networking play a pivotal role in Colin's journey as he actively forges relationships within the legal tech community. The conversation touches on the crucial need for industry-wide discussions on mental health, advocating for breaks and humanity in the workplace for sustained success.

Join us for this insightful conversation with Colin Levy, where career decisions, mentorship, mental health advocacy, and thought leadership converge in a narrative that offers valuable lessons for all.

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