In this episode, we sit down with Joshua Reimer, the managing director and founder of ⁠Johnston Reimer Lawyers⁠, for an insightful conversation about building and scaling a successful law firm from the ground up.

Starting with just a small corner office 8 years ago, Joshua and his team at Johnston Reimer Lawyers have grown exponentially over the years, now boasting a team of 50 employees. Rapid growth comes with it's own unique set of challenges. Joshua's shares his insights on navigating these hurdles from managing cash flow, selecting technology to maintaining a positive workplace culture.

One of the firm's key areas of focus is providing justice and support to victims of crime, a mission that drives much of their work. Joshua shares the unique challenges and rewards of this practice area, emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding in serving clients who have experienced trauma.

A core pillar of Johnston Reimer Lawyers' success lies in their innovative approach to technology. By putting in place cloud-based systems right from the very start, Joshua and his team are at the forefront of leveraging technology to streamline legal processes and better serve their clients. We explore their tech stack, including tools like Actionstep and VXT and discuss the potential impact of AI on the future of the legal industry.

As the firm continues to grow, Joshua reflects on the challenges ahead and shares valuable advice for aspiring lawyers. His insights into maintaining workplace culture, embracing innovation, and prioritizing personal growth offer invaluable lessons for anyone on the path to success in the legal world.

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