Episode Eight

Your host for this episode is Luke Campbell and Ella Cleary.

Natasha Blycha

In this episode, we're joined by Natasha Blycha, a globally recognized expert in smart contracts and distributed ledger technology. Ranked in the Chambers 2023 FinTech Legal Practice Area, Natasha is a leading authority on blockchain, digital assets, and web 3.0.

Born in Australia to a Christian mother and an atheist father, Natasha's unique upbringing fueled her interest in ethics and comparative religions. After studying economics and law at the University of Newcastle, Natasha secured 8 job offers at top law firms!

Natasha took a decade-long hiatus from 2005 to 2015 to raise her four children across different countries. Despite the break, she kept her mind active by learning Mandarin, running a nonprofit, and reading over 1000 books!

Returning to law in 2015 at Herbert Smith Freehills, Natasha faced uncertainties about her marketability. However, Natasha soon progressed to the forefront of tech and digital law as she built Herbert Smith Freehills digital law group across multiple countries.

Natasha's entrepreneurial spirit shines as she shares the inspiration behind starting her own law firm, Sterling and Rose. Conceived on a napkin during a week in Denmark (the Australian Denmark!), she reflects on the challenges and emphasizes the importance of diversity at the top.

Beyond law, Natasha discusses her tech venture, Nooriam, focused on creating infrastructure for digitizing assets. Natasha shares her views on the rapid adoption of AI in legal services. While acknowledging its efficiency, she highlights the critical issues of responsibility and intent when AI operates autonomously, advocating for a reevaluation of societal values.

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