In this episode, we speak with ⁠Sarah Salmond⁠, a commercial lawyer and Partner at ⁠MinterEllisonRuddWatts⁠. Sarah found her calling in the world of international trade through a chance encounter while waitressing.

Sarah gives us an insider's view of her intriguing journey, from her first exposure to World Trade Organization meetings in Geneva, to her stint at the OECD in Paris, and her transformative decision to retrain as a lawyer in her early 30s. She shares her experiences of establishing new law firm practices and advising clients on the full spectrum of public, regulatory and international trade law matters.

A significant portion of our discussion addresses the tightrope women walk as they juggle work and family responsibilities. Sarah emphasizes the critical role of mentorship and strategic support systems in fostering women's advancement in the legal profession. She candidly discusses the pressing issue of burnout and overwork, underscoring the need for organizations to monitor work patterns and enforce policies to prevent burnout.

As we navigate the complexities of international trade, Sarah sheds light on emerging trends and challenges, including the proliferation of sanctions, the imperative for businesses to diversify and hedge risks in the current geopolitical climate, and the need for innovative market access strategies to supplement traditional trade agreements. Sarah speaks about shares her active governance roles with the New Zealand International Business Forum and AmCham New Zealand, and her passionate advocacy for law reforms that will deliver widespread benefits for New Zealand businesses, like enabling paperless trade.

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