The 5 Best Recruitment Software Tools Of 2021 [A Buyer’s Guide]

September 9, 2021
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To build a successful company, you need the right people in the right roles. Recruitment is an important part of this process as it helps find the most suitable candidate for the job. Companies usually have a set process for recruiting employees to ensure they hire the best talent, however recruiting software has made that process easier. Recruitment can also be a costly process, so the best recruitment software helps minimise these costs, while also making resource planning, candidate recruitment and employee selection more efficient.

With hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to recruitment software, how do you decide which one to choose? To help with this decision, we’ve rounded up some of favourites into a list of the 5 best recruitment software tools of 2021.

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software helps handle the process of posting jobs and attracting the top talents for vacant positions. Recruitment CRM fast tracks the candidate search and hiring process, making it easier for organisations to add the right employees. From posting jobs to reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, recruiting software streamlines and automates the hiring process.

This software basically eliminates all paperwork and offers high quality search functions to find and hire top talent. As recruiting is a competitive activity, the best recruiting applications enable employers to quickly search through a huge amount of applicant information to find the best candidates. The recruitment software below also integrate with many other third-party applications helping streamline these processes even further. For instance, integrations with Vxt could include an upload of transcriptions and links to voicemail audio as a note associated with contacts. The integration with recruitment CRM looks something like this:

It’s easy to see how these integrations help productivity and make the recruitment process even more efficient.


JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment management platform for in-house corporate hiring teams and staffing agencies. The software allows recruiters to manage job orders, match applications to jobs and track candidates' progress. JobAdder also records candidates’ performance and manages candidate communication via email, phone and SMS, providing a seamless integration with Vxt. Additionally, the software offers integrated email plugins for Gmail, Outlook and Office for managing both contacts and communications. The platform also provides task management features to schedule, manage and prioritise tasks, as well as setting task completion reminders. Other features include resume parsing, candidate searching, online training tools, a website builder, and online time sheets. JobAdder can be accessed using a web browser on any internet-enabled device.

Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting

Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting is an applicant tracking system that combines a visually pleasing user interface with unlimited customisation. The software is able to deliver on most hiring manager’s needs and provides a centralised dashboard for a business’ activities. The platform also offers integrations with Bullhorn’s wider suite of products, as well as a range of other software. It’s a great choice for organisations that don’t require all their HR needs to be tied into one tool. Bullhorn works with recruiting agencies of all sizes and is perfect for companies looking to scale and increase productivity simultaneously. A global leader in CRM and recruiting for the staffing industry, Bullhorn has helped more than 10,000 staffing companies with their cloud-based platform. Bullhorn’s staffing and recruiting software allows organisations to place talented candidates in new roles and build relationships with their clients by choosing the best team for the job.


Workable is another online recruitment platform that allows users to find, track, and hire talent easily. Although mainly focussed on hiring, Workable helps speed up the recruitment process and reduces cost-per-hire. It is a popular applicant tracking system that works for all sorts of organisations and industries anywhere in the world. From well-established organisations in industry, hospitality, and manufacturing to high-growth start-ups, Workable is built for all types of organisations. Workable provides a range of helpful features including candidate profiles, visual pipelines, interview scheduling, evaluations and scorecards, and recruiting reports. Workable provides top quality recruitment tools, processes and automation in one complete solution. Their scalable tools and support help companies simplify recruitment decision making and streamline the hiring process.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud based applicant tracking and hiring software designed for recruiters. It is an applicant tracking system and a recruiting software that can be used by staffing agencies, temporary workforce, and corporate HR departments. Recruiting agencies can manage applicant data, organise, categorise and shortlist candidates more efficiently using Zoho Recruit. On the other hand, corporate recruiters are able to streamline their entire recruitment process with this software. Users can easily post job openings, manage resumes, create visually appealing career pages, and more using this software. Zoho Recruit also features intuitive remote hiring software, meaning recruitment can be managed on the go. This is made even easier by native mobile apps available on both iOS and Android. The software is built to provide end-to-end hiring solutions, using intuitive features to make recruitment effortless.


Last but not least on this list is online recruitment software Recruitee. Used by companies such as Vice, HotJar, Lacoste, Toyota, Singapore Airlines and Dunkin’ Donuts, Recruitee is a leading talent acquisition platform focussed on making hiring easy. The software enables users to attract the best talent, automate the hiring process and offers prediction functions using data reporting as well. With Recruitee you can use data to continually update and improve every part of your recruitment process. Recruitee is user-friendly and designed specifically for hiring managers and recruiters. From reducing hiring costs to altering your workflow to make it more efficient, Recruitee will help you find the best talent.

Closing Thoughts

Recruitment software can help improve your organisation’s productivity, especially when it comes to the hiring process. These cloud-based platforms help recruiters source, record, track, market and ultimately hire the best talent. They also remove many limitations surrounding traditional recruitment processes and eliminate the need to be confined to an office with mountains of paperwork. Instead, recruitment software provides tools to streamline data collection and help users save time thanks to automation. This ultimately boosts the efficiency of this hiring process as well as improving your chances of finding the ideal candidate.

You still need to consider ease of use, scalability and ability to customise to determine which recruitment software you should use, however this guide should make that decision a little easier.

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