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Unlocking Efficiency and Client-Centricity: ASCO Legal's Transformation with VXT

ASCO Legal is a boutique law firm renowned for providing tailored top-tier legal advice in a friendly, highly efficient manner. Operating with a team of senior practitioners, their commitment is to offer clients direct access to top-tier legal services and advice. Based in Howick, New Zealand, ASCO Legal serves clients across the country, emphasizing efficiency, value, and enduring relationships that consistently deliver outstanding results.

The Challenge

ASCO Legal encountered a specific challenge, operating without a receptionist or a personal assistant. They aimed to streamline communication, particularly when facilitating connections between clients and fee earners. They identified the need for a solution that would not only optimize their workflow but also elevate the overall client experience.

Discovering VXT

The firm had been using another VoIP provider, but it failed to meet their expectations. That's when VXT entered the scene. ASCO Legal quickly identified that VXT offered a superior solution. It wasn't just about better calls; it was about creating a more efficient and client-friendly environment.

VXT just creates a better environment for our clients and a better experience for us. They are very approachable and they certainly like moving quickly! It's been great! - Alistair van Schalkwyk, director ASCO Legal

VXT's Impact

One of the key benefits of VXT for ASCO Legal is its ability to provide a better track record of calls made by seamlessly integrating with ActionStep, a vital tool for legal professionals. This allows ASCO Legal to log file notes and document conversations with ease, enhancing their overall efficiency.

VXT is in a league of its own. Intuitive software that keeps getting developed on a weekly basis. - Alistair van Schalkwyk, director ASCO Legal

Client-Centric Transformation

The switch to VXT has not only improved ASCO Legal's internal operations but also significantly elevated the client experience. Clients now have direct access to fee earners, eliminating barriers and enhancing communication.

Bottom Line Impact

Perhaps most importantly, VXT has proven to be an investment that pays for itself. ASCO Legal can reliably capture more billable time from calls, reinforcing the value of their client-centric approach.

In partnership with VXT, ASCO Legal has not only overcome communication challenges but also enhanced its client-centric focus. By seamlessly integrating with VXT, ASCO Legal has achieved efficiency, accessibility, and the ability to capture more billable time, ultimately redefining their client communication and experience.

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