VXT is a VoIP phone system built for lawyers and recruiters to automate admin work, and simplify workflows. Saving time and resources on calls by integrating into your workflow.

In 2015, Paul Johnstone and Joshua Reimer founded Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers, with a vision to provide practical, compassionate, and affordable legal advice and representation. This down-to-earth approach to law resonated in the community, and the firm has grown rapidly since to meet the demand. Today, with over 50 staff members across Victoria, Australia, the firm continues to uphold its commitment to excellence while embracing technological advancements to better serve its clients.

The Struggle with Previous Solutions

Before adopting VXT, Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers relied on Microsoft Teams for their calls. This setup presented numerous challenges, including dropped calls, issues with call transfers, and frequent call freezing. These problems not only caused inconvenience but also affected the quality of their service and client satisfaction. With the firm's expanding client base and increasing call volume, which could involve a receptionist answering up to 150 calls a day, a more reliable solution was necessary.

Joshua Reimer, Managing Director recalls, "We were having all types of troubles with Microsoft Teams. Calls were dropping, calls weren't transferring through, calls were freezing, all types of issues for us."

A Game-Changer for Call Reliability

Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers set a primary goal to achieve greater call reliability. Since their transition to VXT, the remarkable improvement they've experienced has been nothing short of a game-changer.

"The team now enjoys stable, uninterrupted calls, which translates to a better experience for our clients. Getting that reliability has been so awesome," Joshua Reimer, Managing Director of the firm, shared.

Reliable call quality enabled the team to confidently make calls without fearing that they would drop out halfway through. This newfound dependability has not just boosted the team's morale, but also significantly enhanced client trust and satisfaction.

A Boost in Efficiency by integrating with Actionstep

Amanda, a receptionist at Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers, handles up to 150 calls per day. With VXT, her workload has become significantly simpler. The intuitive interface and robust features of VXT have streamlined her daily tasks, allowing her to manage high call volumes with ease and efficiency.

One standout feature for the firm is VXT's integration with their practice management system, Actionstep. This integration has been invaluable in capturing billable time more efficiently. At the end of each call, a suggested matter pops up, allowing staff to click a button and automatically record the time to the appropriate file. This seamless integration has also eliminated the need for manual note-taking, which was previously a labor-intensive task.

"Our experience with VXT has been great. The integration with Actionstep helps us catch so much more billable time because at the end of the call we can click a button and it automatically records your time back to the file," explains the Joshua. “This automation has not only saved time but also improved billing accuracy, ensuring that no billable minute is overlooked”.

Responsive Support When Needed

Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers have found VXT's support to be exceptional. Beyond onsite visits from the CEO, the firm consistently experiences top-tier support from the entire VXT team. VXT's responsiveness and quick resolution of any issues ensure minimal disruption to the firm’s operations, making their support invaluable in maintaining workflow and service quality. This reliable support has solidified Johnstone and Reimer's confidence in VXT as a long-term solution for their communication needs.

"When there are any problems, the team at VXT is really responsive to fixing stuff. We can reach out to them, and they'll be straight on it and sort out our issues," says the Managing Director.

CEO of VXT, Luke Campbell and Managing Director of Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers, Joshua Reimer.

Future-Proofing with VXT

Reliable communication is crucial in the legal industry, where client trust and satisfaction are paramount. With VXT, Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers can assure their clients that their calls will be handled efficiently and without technical disruptions.

As Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers continue to grow, VXT provides a scalable solution that can adapt to their evolving needs. The firm is confident that with VXT, they are well-equipped to handle future challenges and that the firm will remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the legal industry.

Key Results Achieved with VXT

  • Enhanced Call Reliability: No more dropped or frozen calls.
  • Increased Efficiency: Integration with Actionstep saves significant time by automating file note entries.
  • Improved Billing Accuracy: Easier to capture billable hours, enhancing revenue.
  • Responsive Support: Quick resolution of issues by the VXT support team.
  • Future-Ready: Scalable solution that grows with the firm's needs.

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