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Adding Multiple Phones to your Vxt Account

Updated: Apr 20

Updated: April 2020

As of April 2020, this feature is currently unavailable in Australia. With the release of personal inbox numbers in Vxt 2.2.0 you have the option of sending voicemail from multiple devices, landlines included, to your Vxt inbox. This can be useful if you have multiple SIM cards in one device or separate phones for personal and work use, but find swapping between each device throughout the day frustrating.

Note: personal inbox numbers are only available on Vxt Pro.

To set up your personal inbox number, hit Manage account from the settings screen in the app. At the bottom of the Manage account screen select Personal inbox number and follow the on screen instructions.

Once you have set up your personal inbox number on your primary Vxt device, try leaving yourself a test voicemail to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Multiple Cell Phones

To set up forwarding from another device, there are two options. Either setup forwarding from your second device to your primary device by calling the following code


or setup forwarding from your second device directly to your Vxt inbox by calling this code


Make sure to test that call forwarding is working properly once you have completed the setup and if you aren't sure what to do or you've run into a problem give us an email at

You might notice that this is similar to when you set up Vxt for the first time and we asked you to call this number (don't call it now)


Where +6432880092 is Vxt's unified inbox. The rest of the code (*004* and **20#) are globally recognised codes which tell your mobile service provider to activate forward your calls to the number in the middle.

Forwarding Calls from a Landline

To forward calls from a landline to your Vxt inbox it should work just as easily. However, the exact set up process may vary depending on the device. If you aren't sure how to change the forwarding settings on your landline, get in touch with your telecommunications provider.


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