5 Best Alternatives to Google Voice

September 15, 2023
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Google Voice is a popular virtual phone service, also known as a Voice over IP (VoIP). Startups and small companies often choose Google Voice for their business phone as it's a free product that is relatively easy to use. However, the service isn’t necessarily suited to business use and has some shortcomings.

Limitations to Google Voice include low call quality, little customer support from Google, no auto-attendant or interactive voice response features and no options for toll-free or vanity numbers. Google Voice also has limited access, as it is only available in the US. Although Google Voice is free, it is limited in its features and struggles to meet the demands of businesses.

You no longer have to settle for this level of service though as there are now a range of other VoIP options in 2021. This guide lists the 5 best alternatives to Google Voice that can improve your business communication needs.

1. Vxt

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Vxt is a cloud-based phone system and voicemail assistant that can help you stay on top of your voicemail and the many time-consuming tasks associated with running your business. Vxt is currently available on both iOS and Android and is popular due to its clean design and range of valuable features. The solution includes call-centre and business communications features, automatic voicemail to email forwarding, contact-based greetings, and in-app dictation with Vxt Notes. Unlike alternatives, Vxt also offers integration through Vxt Web with other useful tools such as Slack, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and more.

Using Vxt means you can improve your communications with customers, increase your responsiveness, and automate administrative tasks. Like most Google Voice alternatives, Vxt provides a free version of the app with certain limits. Their paid subscriptions are competitively priced and for small business owners, salespeople, and others who get quite a lot of voicemail, they save loads of time and make it easier to keep up with important contacts.

2. WhatsApp

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If you want to branch out from Google Voice but don’t have the money to, WhatsApp is a good short term fix. WhatsApp is free and easy to use, with a simple interface most will understand. WhatsApp’s has a broad range of abilities and its main feature is group chat, as well as its secure and robust messaging service. You can send messages, make free calls to others on the app, and share all sorts of business files. Another advantage is that Whatsapp works on any smartphone. If flexibility and ease of use are what you’re looking for, then Whatsapp might do the trick.

However, Whatsapp does have some disadvantages and is quite limited feature-wise, meaning it struggles to compete with some of the other Google Voice alternatives listed in this article. It’s not meant to be a long term solution, instead WhatsApp is better suited to small businesses that are just starting out and looking for free or low-cost options for call management and conference calls. It’s not the only alternative to Google Voice, however if you’re in a pinch Whatsapp can do the job for free.

3. Grasshopper

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Grasshopper is a virtual telephone service that offers a range of features to help businesses improve their communications and productivity. Once set up with grasshopper, you are provided with a professional phone number that can be used on existing landlines or mobile phones. This way the customer will not be able to tell if you are contacting them with your mobile phone or office desk phone. This virtual phone application also allows businesses to define automated instructions. Companies using Grasshopper can create and modify extensions to redirect callers to a home office, remote employee, or to a mobile phone.

Despite promising features, some users have been dissatisfied with the call quality and the fact voicemails are removed after 30 days. Grasshopper’s customer service has also received negative feedback. Other users have also reported a user can have access to every other user’s text messages. This means service technicians could have access to their business manager’s messages, and vice versa. Despite these issues, Grasshopper is a low cost alternative to Google Voice. The service is also available on both mobile and desktop versions, meaning it is easy to transition to this platform.

4. Telzio

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Telzio is a great VoIP option if your business has low call volume. This cloud-based service supports a variety of features and allows for unlimited users. The service charges per minute and can cost as low as $0.119 per minute for inbound calls and $0.168 every minute for outgoing calls. This means Telzio is as cheap or expensive as you need, depending on the call volume of your business. It is a simple business phone service that helps you transfer your call to others. Telzio also offers live call data which means you can track call centre activity in real time.

If you want more users and are looking to maintain a low call volume then Telzio is an option to consider. However, the service becomes significantly more expensive the more calls you have. Therefore, it might be best going with a different Google Voice alternative with fixed costs if you have a high volume of calls. There’s no lock-in or fixed term contract though so you can always try out Telzio and leave when call volume increases.

5. Nextiva

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Another Voip provider that offers upgrades to a business’s communication system, Nextiva is another great Google Voice alternative. Nextiva not only features an easy-to use interface, but also contains built-in scalability. The company has been a long established name in the VoIP world and has a wide clientele base. This service allows companies to deploy contact centres in the cloud for inbound and outbound calling campaigns. It also allows those who use its service to find out customer’s information when they call.

The service has a simple set up and offers unlimited calling in the US and Canada. It also has HD Voice, auto attendant and call recording options. However, due to it being a well-established, large provider, Nextiva’s pricing isn't as appealing as other alternatives on this list. You do get a high level of service for the price you pay though.

Final Thoughts

Although Google Voice is a useful tool for those looking for a free call service, there are other alternatives to Google Voice that can help businesses improve their communication abilities. A service like Vxt for example, offers call forwarding, automated voice recordings and integrations with CRM systems. This is perfect for a growing business, offering the functionality and ease-of-use that businesses need to operate successfully.

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