Best Alternatives to Spark Voicemail

September 10, 2021
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What is Spark Voicemail?

Spark Voicemail is a recently developed app available exclusively to Spark customers, which transcribes voicemail into text. Unlike Vxt, it’s the first app of it’s kind in NZ developed for a specific mobile service provider. Spark Voicemail allows users to read their voicemail, forward messages to email and keep records of voicemail through the app. Spark Voicemail was built and is maintained by an Australian company called Norwood Systems.Apps like Spark Voicemail are incredibly useful for those of us who get heaps of work related voicemail. If that’s not you, think of the tradies who have their cell phone numbers on the side of their work van, or real estate agents who tend to run their businesses from their phone. Even if you don’t get a lot of messages, maybe your just tired of the experience using outdated voicemail systems.

Is Spark Voicemail a useful app for busy professionals?

How has the public reacted to Spark's app? Well, the reception has been mixed. There are a lot of people who find that the app saves a lot of time, but then there have been heaps of reports of bugs and other issues with the app which is to be expected with a product that was released just a few months ago. Here's one of their recent reviews on the Play Store,

“Trialled it. Then removed from phone and it stuffed my pre-existing voicemail set up. Glitch in software prevents my normal voicemail from working now. Privacy issues - one has to be okay with third parties being able to hear your voice messages.” - Joe

Turn off Spark Voicemail and do more with Vxt

Much like Spark Voicemail, Vxt allows you to read your voicemail, forward messages to email, and prioritise messages quickly. Unlike Spark Voicemail, Vxt has a free plan so you never have to pay for the app unless you really feel like it’s delivering you value or you’d like to access premium features. On top of the standard features you’d expect with any voicemail app, Vxt allows you to save multiple greetings, and integrate with a variety of other services.What really makes Vxt stand out is that you receive technical support from a passionate local team. Vxt is also available via any device via the web app. So you can access your messages from your desktop, tablet and practically anything else. Probably the best thing about using Vxt is that it’s updated on a regular basis, usually more than once per month, so you get to see the service improve really quickly.

Vxt was developed with small business owners in mind. It’s affordable, flexible, and was designed to grow with you.

You can download Vxt on iOS and Android.

Another locally developed app

Hi Voicemail was one of the first visual voicemail applications available in NZ when it was released on iOS in 2014. Unlike Spark Voicemail, Hi Voicemail was developed by Kiwis which is definitely a plus for those of us wanting to support local businesses. Their Android app has been in development for years, so if you’re looking for an app on Android, I wouldn't suggest holding your breath. Overall Hi Voicemail does the job, is available in New Zealand, but has poor quality transcription and isn’t updated very regularly.

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