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  • Luke Campbell

Download Vxt for Android Today

Hurrah! After months of hard work Vxt is available for Android users.

You can download it here:

Key Details

  • Vxt for iOS won't be released for at least another few weeks.

  • The application will be in beta for at least the next month, during which time it will be 100% free to use.

  • In using the app over the next few weeks/months you may be contacted by someone from Vxt to see how you're getting on. We'll use your feedback to improve the app and the way we provide our service.

  • Expect bugs. We're doing our best to make sure your experience using Vxt is as smooth as possible, but this is an early release so there is bound to be a few issues.

  • Push notifications are not yet working as of Wednesday 7th August 2019, so be sure to check the app when you miss a call.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, don't hesitate to get in contact with us at we'd love to hear from you!