Growth, Fundraising and Our Next Steps.

February 3, 2022
 min read

Lucy and I founded Vxt just 15 months ago in what has become a baptism by fire for two new entrepreneurs. Our business journey started off without too much excitement. Starting out as a part of the UCE Summer Startup Programme helped provide us with tools and training that set us up for our success so far. In June last year we grew our team with some initial funding and developed an early version of our app for an initial launch in August. Since then we've grown to over 2,500 active users, achieved a conversion rate to paid subscriptions more than three times average for mobile apps and received support from major companies like Vodafone, Google and BNZ. Now we're raising up to $400K NZD to build on what we have created so far. If you'd like to become a part of our journey sign up to our list and I'll be in touch soon. - Luke

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