Karbon and VXT announce a connected phone and practice management solution for accounting firms

June 27, 2023
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Professional service firms can now sync their VXT phone system with Karbon to automatically generate notes; saving time and mitigating risk.

We are excited to announce our latest integration with Karbon, a global leader in practice management software for accounting firms.

Karbon provides a collaborative cloud platform focused on optimising work and communications within a firm and its clients. VXT, a cloud-based VoIP phone system offers an integration designed specifically for Karbon users, helping users save time, mitigate risk and manage compliance.

The integration between Karbon and VXT delivers a seamless solution that empowers accounting firms to elevate their workflow management and enhance productivity. By automating note creation, and syncing your contacts, the integration streamlines tasks, saving time and reducing manual work. This enables accountants to focus on more valuable activities and ultimately boosts productivity.

Accounting professionals can now enjoy effortless call recording and transcription, enabling them to capture important conversations and save them directly to a work item or contact timeline in Karbon. The automatic transcription feature allows for easy review of specific parts of the conversation at a later date, enhancing compliance and mitigating risk.

Furthermore, the integration syncs Karbon contacts, providing instant caller identification when receiving calls. This eliminates the need for guesswork, ensuring accountants can easily identify who's on the other end of the line. With contacts readily available in the VXT app, initiating calls becomes more efficient and seamless.

The integration enables click-to-call functionality directly from the Karbon platform, eliminating the need for manual dialing or switching between applications. This feature saves time and improves productivity by streamlining workflows.

“Optimising time is achieved when people, processes, and systems work seamlessly together,” said Ian Vacin, Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, at Karbon. “enabling effortless call recording and transcription, and streamlining contact management, together we empower accountants to work more efficiently and mitigate risk.”

The VXT and Karbon integration is available on both mobile and desktop applications, allowing accountants to stay connected and manage their calls from anywhere. Whether in the office or on the go, this flexibility ensures that no calls or opportunities are missed.

"We believe that the Karbon and VXT integration will empower accounting professionals to focus more on their core work by automating time-consuming tasks, improving communication, and providing comprehensive communication records that enhance overall productivity and client service." - Luke Campbell, CEO at VXT

This integration is now live: Get in touch with the VXT team for a free demo.

About Karbon

Karbon, a global leader in practice management software for accounting firms, provides an award-winning, collaborative cloud platform focused on streamlining work and communications within a firm and its clients. Karbon drives unprecedented value for its customers evidenced by its #1 ranking on G2 and customer-reported savings of 16.5 hours per week per employee. Founded in 2014, Karbon has customers in 33 countries with employees across US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Karbon is well-funded and backed by Tidemark, Five Elms, and Blackbird.


About VXT

VXT is a cloud-based communications platform for professionals. VXT enables organisations to automate administrative tasks, all while delivering better experiences to their clients. It makes managing internal and external communications simpler and easier. VXT integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs, databases, and productivity tools to enable businesses to focus more on the work that matters. In doing this, VXT saves each professional approximately one hour per day on admin. Founded in New Zealand, VXT is powered by an ambitious team and has been named a Matchstiq Top 50 and 100 company in 2021 and 2022. It has thousands of users from London, Brooklyn, Sydney, and everywhere else in between.


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