Our largest update ever is coming

January 29, 2024
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Our largest update ever is coming on January 27th 2024.

VXT will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from 2am to 8am 27th January GMT. See below for a timezone local to you,

  • San Francisco, US: 6pm 26th to 12am 27th January
  • New York, US: 9pm 26th to 3am 27th January
  • London, UK: 2am to 8am 27th January
  • Sydney, AU: 1pm to 7pm 27th January
  • Auckland, NZ: 3pm-9pm 27th January

For the past year our team has diligently worked on this update focusing on improving four key areas, with the help of regular user testing and customer feedback:

- Reliability,
- Ease of use,
- Administration,
- Performance.  

Ordinarily, we like to improve our software with a rapidly iterative process, i.e. making small changes, testing with customers and repeat. This strategy would typically see us release small changes to our software on a weekly basis.

This time we had to do it differently. Decisions we made early on in our journey meant that many of the changes customers were calling out for were very hard or impossible to make without carefully rebuilding fundamental aspects of VXT. Every extra day we waited to revisit those early decisions would make it exponentially more expensive when we eventually did. So, in late 2022 we started planning and for the past year we have been building.

Existing customers

As we approach January 27th we will be organising resources and training materials, hosting webinars, and connecting with you 1-1 to make sure you are well prepared, with questions answered.

We have already started publishing training materials including video tutorials on our help centre and YouTube channels.

So what's coming with the update?

The following are some of the more important changes to VXT, but it is far from a comprehensive list.

Everyday use:

  • The entire user interface has been redesigned to make the most important task easier, making phone calls.
  • Internal and external communications have been separated between two pages, Inbox for external, Team for internal.
  • Do Not Disturb is easier to use and is now located at the top of the screen next to the dialer.
  • Users can now send and receive SMS on the mobile application.
  • VXT now supports bulk SMS i.e. sending an SMS message to a large list of phone numbers.
  • Prior to the update you could not transcribe conference or transferred calls. Now you can transcribe calls with up to five (5) parties.
  • VXT now supports blocking phone numbers.
  • Receptionists can now use call queues to handle incoming calls more effectively.
  • Handover an ongoing phone call from a mobile device to a computer (desktop or web login).


As a result of this update we will be able to develop our software faster and there are many significant improvements on our roadmap for the near future, including:

  • Improvements to existing integrations.
  • New integrations, including WhatsApp.
  • Transcription summaries.
  • Global one-way SMS (short codes).

And many other small changes.

If you have any questions regarding the update please contact customer support via the VXT app or contact your customer service rep.

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