How to Change the Number of Rings Before Voicemail Answers

September 10, 2021
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When you don't answer an incoming phone call, usually your device will ring for some amount of time before the call gets forwarded to your voicemail. The same is true for the calls going through the Vxt Voicemail App. Changing the number of rings before your calls are forwarded is a short process that you can do using conditional call forwarding codes. Note: If you are using our personal inbox number feature, or are not in New Zealand the number discussed below +6439308026, does not represent the number you use to forward voicemail to Vxt. If you're unsure about any of the instructions or would like some help, email us at

To forward all of your missed calls on a cell phone you can call a number that looks like this,


Calling the number above will forward all of your missed calls to +6439308026, after the default number of rings set by your mobile service provider.

We can change the above code to the following one which will forward missed calls after your phone rings for just 11 seconds which looks like this,


You can see that the only change we made was including **11 after the phone number we're going to forward to. If you wanted your phone to ring for say 20 seconds you would simply replace 11 with 20. If you want to forward your missed calls to some other number all you have to do is replace +6439308026 in the code above to the number you'd like to forward your missed calls to.

*004*[phone number]#

More info

Unless your voicemail is turned off or yet to be set up, your missed calls are forwarded to an answering machine managed by your voicemail provider, usually your mobile service provider unless you're using a service like Vxt. Just like any ordinary phone, these answering machines have numbers too. You can see what number your missed calls are forwarded to by calling any of the following codes.


For more info on conditional call forward check out the Wikipedia page or feel free to email any questions to

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