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September 10, 2021
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Web release 0.3.0

Update: Vxt Web is live as of June 25th 2020

The Vxt Web beta programme is still open as we gear up for a full launch later this month! In this update, we’ve released web app payments and Vxt integrations with great tools like Zapier & Integromat!

Integromat & Zapier Integrations

We are constantly trying to ensure Vxt makes your life easier by integrating with other helpful tools. In this update you can integrate Vxt with Zapier or Integromat to automate tasks. This integration allows you to automate actions that run whenever you receive a message. For example, your voicemails can be added to google sheets, or you can use the “update greeting” action to update your voicemail greeting automatically based on a Zapier/Integromat trigger such as the time of day or calendar status. Our Zapier & Integromat integrations are live on both platforms, try them out via the links below or add them to your Vxt account on the Integrations tab in Vxt Web.

Vxt Web payments

From now on you’ll be able to manage your Vxt subscription through our web app. Having payments on our website means that we can be more flexible and have heaps more control over the way we charge users. For you that could mean discounts, company accounts and more. If you’re already subscribed to Vxt via the App Store or Play Store, to swap your subscription over to Vxt Web you’ll have to cancel your old one. The update also includes a variety of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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