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  • Luke Campbell

How to Set Up Your Landline With Vxt

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

To set up your landline device with Vxt you need a Personal Inbox Number which will allow you forward multiple devices to your Vxt inbox.

If you already have a landline device forwarding to your mobile phone which then sends voicemail to Vxt, without a Personal Inbox Number, we can't take voicemail that originates from your landline. Instead, we play an error message and hang up. However, once you set up a Personal Inbox Number your voicemail originating from your landline will come through as normal.

You can set up a Personal Inbox Number in the mobile app or on Vxt Web. Here's how:

From the mobile app navigate to the Settings screen tap Manage account, at the bottom of the Manage account screen tap Personal inbox number, and follow the on-screen instructions from there.

With a Personal Inbox Number, there are two ways to forward additional devices to your Vxt inbox. Either set up conditional call forwarding from your landline to your mobile phone associated with your Vxt account or set up conditional call forwarding from your landline directly to your Personal Inbox Number.

Once you have set up your own Personal Inbox Number, try leaving yourself a test voicemail to ensure everything is working correctly.

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