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*Solved* Issue With Vxt Users who Have Landlines Forwarding to Their Cell Phone

Updated: Mar 9

Updated 18th Jan 2020: We released a work around for this issue in Vxt 2.2.0. For more info check out this post.

We are aware of an issue for users on certain carriers who have a landline phone which forwards to their cell phone.

We use call forwarding to retrieve information about the callers and recipients of voicemails, including the phone numbers of each party.

Currently when a user misses a forwarded call from their landline, our system only has access to the landline number i.e. the voicemail doesn't reach the users actual inbox (associated with their cell phone number).

To fix this issue you need to set up a personal inbox number which will allow you to have any number of devices forwarding to your Vxt account. Unfortunately, the cost of acquiring a personal inbox number for each user means that we can only provide this feature to those on Vxt Pro.

You can setup a personal inbox number via the Manage account screen in the app. If you'd like help or more specific advice don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Alternatively, you can stop your landline from forwarding to your cellphone such that you do not miss any further voicemails or follow these instructions:

  • Go into your Vxt app.

  • Select the settings button on the top right of your inbox.

  • Select 'Turn Vxt off'.

  • Give yourself a call to make sure your voicemail has reverted to its previous inbox.

If for any reason you are having trouble turning off Vxt don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our email

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