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Issue with Vxt & Vodafone Users

We're aware of an ongoing issue with some users on Vodafone plans where the call forwarding is not working correctly so they are unable to receive voicemails. The problem is being caused by a missing + in the call forwarding code when it is run i.e. *004*6432880092**20# instead of *004*+6432880092**20#

We understand that this the missing + does not cause a problem for users with any other carrier, e.g. Spark or 2degrees, or for those on iOS devices. We also know that this is not an issue for some Vodafone users, so if you are on Vodafone and are not experiencing this issue please disregard the instructions below.

How to fix the problem

To fix the issue you have to type this code into your phone dialer app and call it (copying it does not work):


Once you have called the number, Vxt will work fine, just make sure not to run the broken code again once it's working. Make sure the contact number is a perfect copy of the number above, if ANY character is different the call forwarding will not occur correctly and your voicemail will remain broken. Once you have double checked that the number is correct, call it and have someone try to leave you a voicemail.

Thanks to Simeon for being the first user to reach out to us about this problem and for being patient with us while we worked out what the issue was and how to solve it.

If it is still not working please reach out to us at and temporarily turn Vxt off via the settings in our app as we work out a solution together.


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