Nailed It Art Hang - Customer Stories

September 8, 2021
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Hamish Noster is the Christchurch local behind Nailed It Art Hang. We visited Noster on a job to ask him a few questions about his business and how Vxt helps him.

"It makes my life a lot easier"

Whilst Noster has many years of experience in his trade, he started his business recently in 2018. With Nailed It, he helps customers ensure their art, curtains, machines, sculptures, TVs, and everything else are safely and beautifully hung.

A photograph of a room with many decorations.
An example of fixtures Noster & his business Nailed It have worked on.

“It is important to me to work with my clients to understand their dreams for their space. Be it an office, home, or gallery I have the years of experience to help visualise and create the desired impression. I’ve lived in Christchurch all my life. Before starting Nailed It I had five years’ experience hanging art, but many more appreciating it.”, Noster says.

A photo of Hamish & his cat
Hamish Noster & his cat

As Noster puts it he's capable of working with "whatever needs to go on a wall".Noster regularly receives phone calls from existing clients for repeat work and new clients that have been referred his way. But, as a tradesman, when Noster is on the job he can't answer incoming calls because he's actively working for his clients. Due to the importance of referrals to Noster's business, maintaining great relationships with his customers is a high priority. Vxt helps Noster get back to his clients faster, and allows him to provide a personal touch using smart greetings. In his own words, "I use Vxt because it's quite handy for me. When I go through my messages at the end of each day, I really like being able to quickly check the messages and text or call back. It makes my life a lot easier.".

If you're looking to hang something on a wall you can reach Noster via the Nailed It website, or call him on 027 380 3579.

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